Guest Printing

This service is for visitors.


NOTE: Due to COVID-19, printing for guests of the university is not currently available. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Guests and visitors to campus are welcome to use designated computers and printers within the University's main libraries. 

In order to print on campus, guests must:

  • Purchase guest print credits from the front desk of the OSF library
  • Create a free guest PaperCut account
  • Add your pre-purchased print credits to your PaperCut account
  • Use Web Print in PaperCut to upload your documents

Printing Costs 

  • Grayscale Prints (black and white): $0.05/page
  • Color Prints: $0.50/page

How to Purchase Guest Print Credits

To print, visitors must purchase guest print credits from the library front desk in pre-paid $1 or $5 increments. 

How to Create a PaperCut Account

  1. Go to
  2. On the homepage, click on Click Here to Register for Guest Printing
  3. Fill in your name, email, and create a password.
  4. Create a username that begins with ustguest-
  5. Click Register
  6. Go to the main homepage and login with your new ustguest-username account.

Add funds to your PaperCut Account

  1. Purchase a pre-paid print card from the Library front desks
  2. Login to
  3. Go to the Redeem Card tab from the left menu
  4. Enter in your pre-paid print card number in the field.
  5. Once you click Redeem Card button, your account balance will increase by the card value and you will then be able to print to campus computers.

How to Print as a Guest

  1. Login to the guest PaperCut account you created
  2. Go to the Web Print tab
  3. Click Submit a Job button
  4. Choose a printer.
    1. Public St. Paul Printers: Choose a printer from the list in LIB 1st Floor.
    2. Public Minneapolis: Choose a printer from the list that has a location in MOH 206.
To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk


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