Student Worker (XST) Accounts

This service is for staff and student workers.

XST accounts are student worker accounts, separate from their personal St. Thomas account, that are configured to provide special access needed for student employment positions. These are secure accounts that can be configured for use on specific computers during designated times of the day.

Who needs an XST account?

All student employees access St. Thomas systems of any kind require an XST account.  Access to systems containing Red data or FERPA protected Yellow data will only be granted through these accounts.  Student employees should not be accessing any sensitive data with their personal St. Thomas accounts.  More information on the Data Security Classification Policy can be found in the St. Thomas’ Policy Repository.

Examples of where student employees should use an XST account include, but are not limited to:

  • Accessing Banner, Cognos, or Optix
  • Accessing departmental SharePoint sites or DeptStore1 folders
  • Accessing shared or departmental email accounts

Getting Started

Only full-time St. Thomas employees can request an XST account on behalf of a student worker. Be sure to including the following information for each student worker when requesting an account:

  • Username
  • Time restrictions
  • Computer asset(s) to which the student needs access 

Request an XST Account for your student worker


  • XST accounts will expire at the start of every fall semester.
  • XST accounts do NOT have access to OneStThomas
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