#TDX: Routing Tickets

Tickets sometimes end up with the wrong Service Team. This can happen for multiple reasons:

  • Client opened it from the Tommie Tech Services Client Portal to the wrong Service
  • Client emailed a mailbox linked to a Service with a request not aligned with that Service
  • A ticket was created or routed to the incorrect Service
  • Working with a client has surfaced new information indicating the request/incident is most appropriate for a different Service

When you come across a ticket assigned to the wrong Service (however it got there) you will want to route it to the correct Service so it can be promptly addressed by the right Service Team.


  1. Determine what service team the ticket needs to go to. The article #TDX: Assigning Tickets to the Correct Form, Service, Type and Group outlines how to identify the Service Team that the ticket needs to go to.
  2. After you have determined where the ticket needs to go click the "Edit" button towards the top. This will allow you to edit the ticket similar to the process of creating a ticket.
  3. Change the "Form" of the ticket to the appropriate form.
    1. The "Service" and the "Type" won't automatically change when you change the Form in edit mode, so you must manually set the correct Service and Type in the fields (often if you set the correct Service at this point then the type will automatically change to match it).
    2. If you REALLY can't figure out the correct Form should be then use the General Help Request Form.
  4. Set the correct Service for the ticket. The Service should reflect the core need of the request or incident. (Example: If the core need of the ticket is Zoom, then the Service should be set to web conferencing. Even if the Windows OS group or Tech Desk group is set as responsible or resolves the issue).
    1. If you don’t know the specific Service name use the magnifying glass to see a list of options and find the most appropriate option by keyword. If still unsure, ask for help. (also make sure you've tried the recommended research to find the service as outlined in #TDX: Assigning Tickets to the Correct Form, Service, Type and Group).
    2. Some (not all) technicians will be viewing their tickets by what is assigned to the Services they support
    3. Having the correct Service in the ticket is very important for analytics reporting as well as getting the ticket in front of the right team.
  5. Setting the Service specific Form likely changed the fields in the ticket.
    1. Continue to fill out any new information that may be required to the best of your knowledge.
  6. Change the "Responsible" field to the appropriate group/tech (usually similar to the Form you selected).
    1. When possible, always try to assign to the correct GROUP and not to an INDIVIDUAL technician
    2. This will often designate the team that has the skill to address the issue.
    3. Most (not all) technicians will be viewing tickets by what is assigned to their group on the "Responsible" field.
    4. Click Save at the top to save the updated ticket.
    5. Click the "To Detail" button at the top of the ticket to return to the main screen for that ticket
    6. Double check your changes.
      1. Generally when you are routing a ticket (either at Tech Desk or if you receive a ticket at an incorrect service team) if you have done it correctly you will end up updating the Form, Service, Type, and Responsible.

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