Claiming Your St. Thomas Account (step by step)

This article is for new and prospective students.

To activate your account you will need your St. Thomas ID Number.

  • New Students receive information regarding their username and St. Thomas ID Number by email shortly after being accepted to the university. 

Claiming Your St. Thomas Account 

  1. Go to to claim your account.
  2. Enter the 9 digit St. Thomas ID Number that you received in the available field and click Next.
  3. New Students can locate their St. Thomas ID Number in the Admissions Applicant Portal shortly after being accepted to the university.
    Screenshot of the account claim window where you enter your 9 digit ID Number
  4. In the next window please enter your birthday.
    Screenshot of the second screen of account claim where you are asked to enter your birth month and day
  5. Read the St. Thomas Responsible Use Policy by clicking on the link. After completed please click "I accept" and then click Next.
    Screenshot of the third screen of the account claim process where you follow a link to review the st thomas responsible use policy, click a box that you accept, and then select next
  6. Next, you will set up your password for your St. Thomas account. Please be mindful of the following criteria:
    1. at least 15 characters in length
    2. at least (1) uppercase letter
    3. at least (1) lowercase letter
    4. at least (1) number
    5. may not include your first name or last name
    6. may not include  your username
    7. may not include  the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
    8. may not include any of the following special characters: % * ; " ` # @ & , \ ; ---
    9. may not be any of previous 10 passwords. 
      Screenshot of the fourth account claim page where you set your password
  7. Review the information on this screen before proceeding. You can click the link to learn more detail about about St. Thomas accounts or click next.
    1. Important: You will want to make a note for yourself of what your Username is. This username (along with the password you set) will be how you access a majority of your St. Thomas resources, including on-campus computers. 
      Screenshot of the fifth page of the account claim process where you are given your UST Username
  8. Your St. Thomas email address will be, where "username" is your username you received at the last screen. We also offer you the choice of selecting a "Vanity Email" option; this is a more professional looking email to provide to others when giving out your contact information. However, please read the following to ensure you understand when you do/do not use your vanity email with St. Thomas systems 
    1. As a reminder, you will still need to login to university websites and resources with your St. Thomas username and password (Your vanity email does not become your login credentials, it is only for aesthetics). 
    2. The vanity email is just an alternate email that can be given out. It does not replace your St. Thomas username. Think of it as a way to personalize your St. Thomas email address. (For example: while your email might be something like, you could choose a vanity email of instead that you share with others for clubs, internships, resume applications, etc.). 
    3. Vanity emails must be configured based on your name and some available options will be provided for you to choose from.
    4. You can select None to decline to have a vanity email
      Screenshott of the sixth screen of the account claim process. From here you are shown your new email address as well as your options for a potential vanity email address
  9. After clicking Next, you will be taken to a page that will summarize your username, email address, and chosen vanity option. It will also remind you to have your cell phone handy, and advise you that you will next be taken to Office 365 to finish setting up your account and security options like MFA.
    1. To log in when you arrive at the Office 365 login page, use your email ( and the password you set up earlier.
    2. When you're ready click Next
      Screenshot of the seventh and last page of this part of the account claim process. Here you are provided with a review of your username, vanity option and directions for proceeding forward to the next steps in office 365
  10. After reaching this point we recommend that you review the article Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): First Time Setup so that you can be prepared for the next steps and have the article available for reference.


To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk


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