Computer Replacement: Frequently Asked Questions

This service is for faculty and staff.

St. Thomas laptops and desktops are provided on a lease cycle and replaced periodically during the summer. 

The following are frequently asked questions surrounding the process. 

How often are computers replaced?

  • Laptops are replaced on a 4 year lease cycle.
  • Desktops are replaced on a 5 year lease cycle.
  • Monitors are no longer part of the lease cycle, but are available for purchase.

What are my computer options?

The exact specifications vary from year-to-year with changes in technology. An updated listing is provided months in advance to those who will be receiving a new device as part of the summer computer replacement process. 

Click here to see our Hardware Options.

Consider a laptop

Portability with computing resources can be beneficial. If your primary system is a desktop, is being replaced this summer, and a laptop would be appropriate for your work, this would be the time to change.

When will I receive my new computer?

ITS starts the summer replacement cycle at the beginning of June and completes the process by the middle of August. 

We will contact you in April or May to begin the scheduling process for your replacement.

Please keep in mind that ITS replaces approximately 1,500 computers each summer and our scheduling is tight and based on location.  We ask the community to help us by planning ahead and reducing schedule changes.

How do I prepare for my new computer?

Please refer to the following articles for how to prepare for your replacement:

Note that for shared computers (student worker computers, lab computers, departmental laptops, etc.) we do not usually transfer data from the old device to the new one. Please back up any data saved on shared devices ahead of time.

How do I get administrative access to my new computer?

Do you need administrative access on your new computer? ITS requires that you request a separate account for administrative access. Please review our Workstation Administrator Access Policy page to request an account.

What if I want to make changes to my hardware or software?

Previously Installed Software

We will make every effort to pre-install the software titles currently assigned to your computer. If you are missing software, please first check the following locations as some software is now available as an optional installation for the community: 

Software Obtained On Your Own

All software titles used on St. Thomas computing systems must be licensed for use by faculty, staff and/or students. Often times, software and even shareware titles are licensed only for "home use"; meaning that they cannot be installed on a St. Thomas owned computer without violating the "end user license agreement."

However, please email if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • You have software that was not purchased through ITS, it may be possible to install it on your new PC after the licensing information is examined.
  • You currently have a software application installed that neither you nor ITS has the licensing information. We will work with you to purchase and, if necessary, upgrade the software.

What if I need a CD/DVD drive for my new computer?

  • For short-term needs, external hard drives can be checked out on a short-term basis. Visit the Checkout Equipment FAQ article to see what is available and how to make a request.

  • For long-term needs, external drives can be purchased by individuals or departments by emailing

What if I want a keyboard, mouse, and monitor for my Mac laptop?

Mac laptops do not come with an external keyboard, mouse, or optical drive (CD/DVD). Obtaining an extra keyboard and mouse is as simple as sending an email to Please be sure to include your departmental index code along with the peripherals you would like to order.


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