Murphy Online: How to Enter Mid-Term and Final Grades (for Faculty)


This service is for faculty.


How to Enter Grades into Murphy Online (For Faculty)

  1. Login to Murphy Online
  2. Click on the Faculty Menu
  3. Select the “Term Selection” link and choose the term
  4. Select the CRN for the course by clicking the “CRN Selection” link
  5. Use the drop down menu to choose the class you wish to grade and click submit
  6. Select the “Final Grades” link or “Midterm Grades” link, whichever is appropriate
  7. Scroll to see the class list
  8. Enter your grades using the drop down menu
  9. Click submit once
  10. A message will appear at the top of the page stating that the “grade or last attend date changes you made have been saved successfully”. If you click submit twice, you will receive a message that there are no changes to save.
  11. You will see the grades listed on your roster in red under the “Grade on Record” column

Important Note:

You do not need to enter grades for all of your students at the same time. You may return and enter original grades up and until the grading deadline.

How to Change a Grade

You may change grades on Murphy Online within the same day only. See the grade change module for more information on how to process a grade change after the original entry date in Murphy.

How to Choose Another Class to Grade

  1. After you have entered grades for a class and submitted them, click on the faculty services link at the top of the page
  2. Click on the CRN selection link
  3. Follow the steps listed above

You will receive a confirmation at the top of the page that your changes were saved successfully.

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk



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