Hovercam: Getting Started

This service is for faculty. 

A HoverCam is a high quality Document Camera and Web Camera that is available within all classrooms at St. Thomas. 

Faculty use a hovercam for many reasons including the following:

  • Display student work
  • Demonstrate filling out a form / worksheet
  • Display a physical object or book
  • Zoom in a guest speaker
  • Zoom in a remote student
  • Host an online class session
  • Basic Lecture Capture

How to use a HoverCam as a document camera?

  1. Login to the the St. Thomas classroom computer
  2. Launch the Hovercam Flex 10 software to get started

More info is here: http://www.thehovercam.com/media/manuals/flex10.pdf

How to use a HoverCam as a Web Camera?

Open your Web Conferencing software

  1. Launch Zoom or your preferred web conferencing product
  2. In your video settings, select HoverCam as the camera 

On the HoverCam device itself, we recommend the following settings:

  • Extend the Hovercam up to the right so that it is completely vertical
    Extend the hovercam up to the right
  • The wheel turns the video image 90 degrees. It is helpful to know where the microphone and webcam are located.
    Microphone and webcam are located at the top end of the HoverCam
  • If your image is flipped upside down, press the middle button on the base to flip the image 180 degrees so it is oriented properly.
    The middle button on the base of a hovercam will flip the image 180 degrees
  • Press the AF-L button to lock the auto focus. Otherwise, the focus will wander in and out while in use.
    Tip: Stand outside the frame of the shot while pressing the button, or else it will lock the focus too close.
  • The AF-L button locks the auto focus


While in operation, refrain from physically moving a Hovercam. If you do, please do so gently. Moving the unit may cause loss of video signal. If the video image is lost during operation, unplug and re-plug the USB cable to re-establish connection. (See image below for a demonstration for where to unplug and re-plug the cord). 

Demonstration of how to plug and unplug the hovercam power cord from the base

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk
Click to Request Service


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