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Desktop and Mobile Computing

Computer hardware and software, printing, file storage, and other related services.

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Accessibility: How to Make Social Media More Accessible

This article reviews how to make you social media content more accessible.

Adding a Librarian Role

This article goes through how to add a Librarian in the Librarian Role in Canvas.

Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat: Learning opportunities at LinkedIn Learning (formerly

Linked In Learning has a number of popular courses for training in Adobe Creative Cloud applications. We have curated a few of them here.

Ally: Faculty Quick Start

Instructors can learn about the Alternative Features and Accessibility Checker tool built into all Canvas courses. Support you and your learners with better accessibility.

Ally: Student Frequently Asked Questions

The Ally tool within Canvas courses creates alternative files that are easier to use by all students. Ally works within your online course so it's available right where you need it.

Ally: Student Quick Start to Alternative Formats

Ally Alternative Formats features allows learners in Canvas to transform your course files into different formats to help you learn better.

Appworx: Getting Started

1. How to request an Appworx??account.
2. Training on Appworx.
3. How to install/upgrade Appworx??on your computer.
4. Running Appworx after installation

Canvas Folio (Portfolium) - Getting Started

Canvas Folio (on the Portfolium Network) is a tool that allows you to showcase your work throughout your educational career at the University of St. Thomas. Students can then share their Portfolios with their Instructors, Employers and a broader audience.

Canvas: How to Recover Deleted Items

Options for recovering content you my have inadvertently deleted in Canvas.

Canvas: How to Set Up Attendance

This article summarizes how to set up a+Attendance in Canvas.

Canvas: New Rich Content Editor

Rich Content Editor is the ribbon of tools at the top of the frame when you edit pages, discussions, assignments, etc. in Canvas.

Canvas: Validate Links in Content - Interpreting Your Results

Tips on interpreting the Validate Links in Content report in Canvas.

Classroom Technology Tips

List of quick tips to help you get the most use out of classroom technology!

Classroom Technology Training Videos

Landing page for HyFlex Technology training videos

Closed Captioning Standards: What, Why and How To

This article reviews the closed captioning standard for all videos shared via University channels

Cognos Analytics - Troubleshooting Attempt To Connect To the Data Source Failed

How to Resolve when a user is unable to connect to a Data Source within Cognos Analytics.

Collaboration Options: Where to start a conversation at St. Thomas

Suggested software, tools, and apps for different collaboration scenarios

Compare Video/Media Creation Tools for Instruction and Assignments

Learn the difference between Canvas, Microsoft Sway, Panopto, VoiceThread, FlipGrid, and Zoom.

Compare Web Conferencing Services for Online Meetings

Learn the differences between using Microsoft Teams and Zoom for holding virtual meeting online.

Contrast and Color Accessibility

Learn to attend to color and contrast in our digital content; especially important for people with low vision or those with color blindness.

Declaring an Academic Major or Minor

Summary of major/minor declaration process with instructions for declaring, adding, changing and removing academic minors, majors, co-majors and major concentrations.

Degree Evaluation Responsive Dashboard Guide

The Degree Evaluation Responsive Dashboard Guide highlights important areas and shows users where those items were located in the Classic Dashboard along with the current location in the Responsive Dashboard.

Directory: Updating Directory Information

When you want to update the St. Thomas Directory, it's not always clear where you need to go. This article walks you through each part of a directory update.

Email: Send Later or Delay Send of Email Message

How to schedule a message to send in Outlook at a later time.

Flipgrid (Instructor Version)

This article provides guidance, key recommendations and resources for Instructors using Flipgrid with their courses.

Flipgrid (Student Version)

This article discusses some of the ways students might encounter Flipgrid in their courses and provides recommendations and links to useful resources.

FlipGrid Overview

Flipgrid is a??simple, free, and accessible??video discussion experience that makes teaching and learning more personal, fun, and engaging.

GitHub Campus: ReadMe

Basic how-to for students, faculty, and staff who want to use the St. Thomas GitHub to save and share code.

How to Save Multiple Past Report Versions in Cognos Analytics 11

The following article describes how to save multiple past output versions of a Cognos Analytics 11 report.

How to Schedule a Report in Cognos Analytics 11

This article??provides instructions on scheduling reports to run and a link be emailed daily/weekly/yearly in Cognos Analytics 11.

How to use the Campus Shuttle Tracker

The Shuttle Tracker is a web-based map tool used to provide students and faculty with information regarding??the shuttles that run between the St. Thomas Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. This information includes current shuttle location, upcoming departures, and real departure time and estimated arrival time for all??shuttles.

Keep your Zoom Desktop App Up-To-Date (PC, Mac, or Linux)

Zoom - Check for updates and keep your Zoom desktop app up-to-date.

Known Issues in Cognos Analytics

The following table lists known issues in Cognos??Analytics 11.1.7 and how to address them.

LiquidFiles: Getting Started

How to log in to LiquidFiles secure files sharing for the first time.

Login to Salesforce as a Student Worker (XST Accounts)

How to sign into Salesforce with your XST student worker account.

Major/Minor Declaration Guide for Approvers

Step-by-step guidance for reviewing academic major and minor declaration requests and submitting approvals/denials.

Microsoft Bookings: Appointment Scheduling App

Microsoft Bookings is an online and mobile app for scheduling appointments

Microsoft Teams: How to Set your Status

Learn about updating your status in Teams to better communicate your availability and where you are working on a given day.

Microsoft Teams: Meeting Recordings

Microsoft Teams meeting recording instructions and storage locations.

Minitab: Changes to on-campus and AppStream use

The licensing for Minitab has changed, requiring faculty, staff and students to authenticate with a standard St. Thomas email address. Minitab is a statistical software tool designed for easy interactive use and for analyzing research data.

Minitab: Home Use

Minitab is a statistical software tool designed for easy interactive use and for analyzing research data. This software is available for download for faculty/staff and students for use on personally owned Windows devices.

MURAL: Getting Started with Visual Collaboration

MURAL enables innovative teams to think and collaborate visually together online to solve important problems.

Murphy Online - Proxy Access and Authorized Users

Sometimes parents will want to access their student’s information. If they are looking to pay the bill, receive a refund, or other bill related things, they will be looking for E-Bill. If they are looking for a student’s financial aid info, schedule, grades, or some other miscellaneous things, they will be looking for Proxy Access.

OEC Multimedia Studio External Rental

OEC Multimedia Studio External Rental

Off-Campus or Home Usage Computer Software available for Engineering Students

Software available for School of Engineering students to install on personally owned computers

Office 365: How Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Work Together

An explanation of how SharePoint sites and Teams work together for file storage.

OneStThomas: Documents and Search

Learn about the documents you see surfaced in OneStThomas. Files you see in search and on pages roll up from Office 365 (OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams).

OneStThomas: How to Update your Profile

How to update your user profile in OneStThomas

Outlook Class Schedule

Brief description of Populate Student Calendars, which adds course appointments to Outlook based on your class schedule. Includes screenshots, a discussion of expected time delays, troubleshooting tips, and FAQ.

Outlook: FindTime Feature for Calendar Meetings

FindTime is an Outlook add-in for scheduling meetings. The organizer can send multiple time options through FindTime and minimize the back and forth emails in scheduling. It's installed on St. Thomas Outlook (web and desktop, Mac and Windows) by default, and can make scheduling large meetings much easier.

Outlook: How to add and mange Safe Senders

Use Outlook for Windows or Outlook Web to add to your safe senders list, or manage it afterwards. These setting help you manage what goes to your Junk Mail folder, and what does not.

Panopto: Record A Classroom Session

When to use Panopto vs. Zoom for classroom lecture capture and the steps to use the Windows desktop Panopto application to record an in-person class session.

Panopto: What is an Archived video and how do I make it active?

If you encounter an archived Panopto video, you can follow the directions in this Panopto knowledge base article to initiate restoring that video.  Note, restoration can take up to 48 hours to complete. This article also contains examples demonstrating how archive videos are presented to content owner as well as viewers.

Pearson textbook support for Canvas integrations

Documentation for adding Pearson textbooks in Canvas

Prime Class-Time Policy

To help ensure all departments have a fair opportunity and there is an even distribution of section offerings, it is asked that all departments schedule 14% of each of their sections during any one of the seven individual prime class times: 9:35 MWF, 10:55 MWF, 12:15 MWF, 1:35 MW & MWF, 9:55 TR, and 1:30 TR.

Program Finder: FAQs and common issues with a Program Finder

The following is a list of common issues related to Program Finder.

Remote Proctoring Exam Considerations

Review this article to help you decide if remote proctoring is appropriate for your course. Also consider working with a STELAR instructional designer to help with this decision.

Salesforce: Common Terms and Definitions

Commonly used terms in Salesforce

Salesforce: How to Clone a Dashboard or Report in Lightning

A step-by-step guide to clone/copy a dashboard or report in Salesforce Lighting.

Salesforce: How to Setup and Integrate ScheduleOnce

Instructions for signing into ScheduleOnce and syncing it with your Salesforce account and Outlook Calendar

Setting up a Yubikey for Multifactor Authentication (Windows)

Step by step guide to setting up a Yubikey 5 NFC to work with St. Thomas MFA.

Shortening links using the URL Shortener

The URL Shortener is a web application designed to provide students, staff, and faculty the ability to both shorten URLs as well as maintain an association with the University.

Technology Intake Process

Looking for the right technology to help you and your team? ITS should be your first stop when exploring new applications and computing devices to solve a problem, enhance your business process, or help you better support our students. This article provides an overview of the Technology Intake Process - from the initial consult to a solution that meets your needs and budget, ITS is here to help.

Technology Intake Process: Workflow Overview

The Technology Intake Process (TIP) is utilized to review new or new uses of existing technologies and is intended to ???engage the right experts, at the right time, to deliver the right solution???.

Tommie Card Shop

The Tech Desk is happy to assist in basic troubleshooting of issues with viewing or accessing the Tommie Card Shop. Most Tommie Card issues and questions will be best addressed by the Tommie Card Office.

UST Bookstore/Campus Stores

The Tech Desk is happy to assist in basic troubleshooting of issues with viewing or accessing your digital textbooks. Most textbook questions will be best addressed by the Campus Bookstore.

UST Print Shop

The Tech Desk is happy to assist in basic troubleshooting of issues with viewing or accessing The UST Print Shop. Most questions will be best addressed by the The UST Print Shop.

View a Report Version in Cognos Analytics 11

The following article describes how to view or download a current or past report version in Cognos Analytics 11.

Viewing Academic History in Murphy Online

Instructions for reviewing academic history using Murphy Online for all students (currently and previously enrolled).

VoiceThread - Creating Group Presentations

How to create a group presentation using VoiceThread.

VoiceThread - Managing Notifications

How to manage notifications in VoiceThread.

Web Browser: Adobe Flash

Adobe will not issue Flash Player updates or security patches after the EOL Date. We recommend that all users uninstall Flash Player before the EOL date (see manual uninstall instructions for Windows and Mac users). Users will be prompted by Adobe to uninstall Flash Player on their machines later this year and Flash-based content will be blocked from running in Adobe Flash Player after the EOL Date.

What is LiquidFiles Secure File and Data Share?

LiquidFiles is for all members of the university and should be used any time you need to share private and restricted St. Thomas data, files, presentations (including personal information).

Zoom Authentication Exceptions

Hosts who want to limit their meeting attendees to authenticated users only, but also allow some non-authenticated users to attend, can do so by creating authentication exceptions.

Zoom Cloud Recording Retention

Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Plan details

Zoom: How to Add a Virtual Background

Steps for adding a Virtual Background in Zoom. The Virtual Background feature allows you to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting.

Zoom: How to Delete or Download Cloud Recordings (and host alternatively on Panopto)

This article helps Zoom hosts either delete or download their cloud recordings to help with ITS capacity management and reduce university costs.

Zoom: How to Exempt an Individual Zoom Recording from the 365-day Retention Policy

By default, zoom recordings that are saved to the cloud will automatically be deleted after 365 days per our retention policy. You can select an individual recording be exempt from this policy by following these instructions.

Digital Badges for Students and Student Employees

A digital badge is an electronic, visual indicator that shows knowledge, skills, and competencies that a student (or student employee) has gained from the training or learning experiences. This article describes digital badges for students and student employees.

Tommie Tech Canvas Site: Suggestions for Faculty, Advisors, and Managers

This article describes the St. Thomas student technology resource called ???Tommie Tech??? Canvas site, and how faculty and staff can use this resource to support student success.

The My Actions Widget in OneStThomas

Overview of the My Actions widget.