Zoom: Large Meeting Checklist

This service is for faculty, staff, and students.

Hosting a large meeting in Zoom? Here are some important settings to check and be familiar with.  If you have any questions please contact the Tech Desk and let us know if you need assistance with your large meeting! 

Settings on your Zoom account to select before scheduling meetings

  1. Go to stthomas.zoom.us 
  2. Click on the Settings tab from the left-hand menu
  3. Go to the In Meeting (Basic) section and ensure the following settings are setup:
    1. Under Screen Sharing, Switch Screen Sharing to Host Only
      Zoom meeting settings screen sharing
    2. Under Annotation, Check the box for Only the user who is sharing can annotate. 
      Zoom meeting settings about annotation

Settings to check when scheduling meetings

  • Enable the Waiting Room
  • Uncheck Enable Join before host.
  • Check Mute participants upon entry. 
  • Check Only authenticated users can join (Note: this is VERY IMPORTANT! This is the best way to prevent Zoombombers. It will limit your meeting to only allow participants that have @stthomas.edu accounts to join  External domains like @umn.edu can also be permitted if you have a guest speaker. 
  • Check Record the meeting automatically (optional). Cloud is best for sharing.
  • Add anyone who will be speaking, screen-sharing, or helping run the meeting as an Alternative Host. This will allow them to unmute themselves and share their screen.  This will need to be done during the meeting for any non-St. Thomas participants.

Setting to change as soon as the meeting is started 

Security Tab

  • Uncheck allow participants to unmute themselves
  • Uncheck allow participants to share screen. This should already be unchecked if you followed pre-meeting instructions. 
  • Uncheck allow participants to annotate. This option only shows up when a screen is being shared. This should already be unchecked if you followed pre-meeting instructions. 
  • Disable the waiting room after you have admitted everyone. 

Chat Tab

allow participants to chat with Host Only (optional)
zoom meeting settings for chat

Participants Tab

This tab opens a window on the side of your viewable screen. 

  • Admit all from the waiting room when you are ready to begin your meeting
    zoom setting waiting room admit
  • Eelevate any participants to co-host who will be speaking during the meeting who were not already set as alternative hosts by hovering over their name and click the More dropdown mnu. This will need to be done during the meeting for non-St.Thomas users. 
    Zoom meeting settings how to elevate participant to co-host

General Tips

  • Consider having a PowerPoint slide shared before participants join that lets the incoming participants know the meeting will be starting soon. 
  • Use Microsoft Teams for back-channel communication between hosts and co-hosts during the large meeting for communication. 

Settings to know during the meeting 

Participants Window

  • Mute a participant: Hover over a participant's name and click Mute
  • Remove a participant: Hover over a participant's name and click More > Remove 
    Zoom meeting settings remove user from meeting

Security Menu Tab

  • Check Lock Meeting once a participant has been removed from the meeting to prevent them from re-entering.  This will prevent ANYONE new from joining the meeting from that point forward.  
    Zoom meeting settings to lock meeting in security tab

Accessing Recordings After the meeting 

If you saved your Zoom recordings to the cloud, you have additional options for accessing and editing this before sending out to others.

  1. Go to your Zoom web portal at stthomas.zoom.us.
  2. Under Recordings you will find the recording for your event if you checked that option. 
  3. Playback range can be trimmed before sharing the recording link. 
  4. Audio transcript can also be edited here to correct mistakes made in the automatic transcription. 
  5. If you do not want the chat or audio transcript to go out with the shared recording, those files should be backed up locally and deleted from the Zoom cloud. 


To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk
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