Panopto: What is an Archived video and how do I make it active?

Beginning in summer 2023, ITS will begin implementing archival rules on videos stored in Panopto.  As storage costs have increased, this archival process allows community members to retain their videos for a longer period of time at reduced costs to the University. We are not automatically deleting any Panopto videos at this time. Rather, videos that meet certain parameters are being archived to reduce their storage costs.

What is an archived video?

When archived, a Panopto video is

  • not deleted
  • stored in a less-expensive environment but appears along side all other Panpoto content
  • retains all previous metadata and settings
  • can be restored to viewable state by a viewer, the content owner or a Panopto Administrator.
  • Restoration can take up to 48 hours to complete.

When archived, a video:

  • continues to exist within Panopto, with all of its settings intact, and 
  • is not viewable without being restored.

If you encounter an archived Panopto video, you can follow the directions in this Panopto knowledge base article to initiate restoring that video. This article also contains examples demonstrating how archive videos are presented to content owner as well as viewers.

Note, restoration can take up to 48 hours to complete.

Examples of Archived Videos

(Archived video from a search)

(Archived video from a Panopto viewer)

(Archived video from an Embedded viewer
Text Reads: "
This video has been archived and must be restored from the archive before it can be viewed.  Restoring the video may take up to 48 hours. Restore from archive.")

(Archived video from a folder)

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