Badging: How to share Badges on Badgr

This service is for faculty, staff, and students.

The University of St. Thomas partners with Badgr, a third-party digital credential service provider, to host and display your digital badges so you can make your badges available to employers and others that you want to know about badges that you have earned!  You can have all your badges displayed and stored in your Badgr digital backpack.

Badges are set up so that you can also share that credential in your social media platforms (e.g., Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc), your resume, personal website, or e-portfolio. This article covers the variety of ways in which you can share your badges or collections; via a link, directly to social media channels, by using provided embed codes, or by downloading the badge.

How to Share Badges from Badgr 

The St. Thomas digital badges that you earn will be stored on the Badgr platform. Each badge includes data about the knowledge, skills, or competencies you gained and demonstrated as a result of completing that badge.

Note: The very first time your earn a St. Thomas badge with our Badgr platform, you will be prompted to create your Badgr account. Please use your UST email when creating your St. Thomas Badgr badge.

Once you create your Badgr account, you will be able to display badges you’ve earned on your social media pages, PDF resume, online portfolio, and personal website. Badges are clickable, allowing others to see details about what you learned, and that your credentials were earned from St. Thomas. 

To begin, go to the Backpack or Collections tab within Badgr and select the SHARE button on the badge or collection.

Now, choose from the list below for instructions on how to share your Badge:


Sharing via Link

  1. If not selected, select the Link tab from the share dialog.

  2. Select the copy button.

  3. Paste the URL where you would like to share a link to your badge. (e.g. email, text, etc.).

Sharing via Social

  1. Select the Social tab from the share dialog.

  2. If you share badges or collections with social media channels, you'll be required to log in with your credentials.

  3. For more details, visit the Badgr support article: Sharing badges on social media 

Sharing via Embed

  1. Select which version of the badge you would like to embed, a CARD or BADGE view.

    1. The CARD view provides additional context for the badge.

    2. The BADGE view provides a view of the badge.

    3. Both options contain the badge metadata.

  2. Select the COPY button.
  3. Paste the copied text wherever HMTL is allowed (e.g. your website, online portfolio, etc.).

Downloading your Badge

  1. Select the badge you wish to download

  2. Click the DOWNLOAD button

  3. A new tab will open with the baked image of your badge. Right-click on the image and select "save as" and save the image as a .pnd or a .svg.

Sharing Badge Collections

  1. Go to the Collections tab.

  2. Set the collection you want to share to Public.

  3. Select the SHARE button from the Collections page or the SHARE COLLECTION button from the Collection Detail page.

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk


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