Compare Collaboration and File Sharing Services

ITS is often asked where the community should go to collaborate, communicate, and share files with a group of people (informarl or formal) within the Office 365 suite of tools. Our suggested options for different collaboration scenarios are listed below. 

OneDrive  Microsoft Teams SharePoint Sites OneStThomas
OneDrive is your go-to-place for storing and accessing your own files. Ideal for collaborative groups. Connect other apps (like Planner) into one workspace with Microsoft Teams. For departmental document storage and info sharing. If you need to share information or content with all of St. Thomas, or a large part of it, you should use the Intranet.
  • All files on your OneDrive are associated with your account. If a St. Thomas account is deleted, so are all of its associated OneDrive files.
  • Store your own files and access them from anywhere.
  • Share a few files or folders with a few individuals. You can decide if they should have view or edit access. You are responsible for managing access.
  • Teams provides a chat-based, collaborative workspace.
  • Store your workgroup's files and access them from anywhere. Each Team comes with a connected SharePoint site for secure file storage.
  • Manage access to files yourself, and share content with colleagues and peers both inside and outside the University.
  • Every group member can add/edit files and start conversations.
  • Organize your files and conversations using channels. Pull in other apps (Planner, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word, Excel etc.) by adding tabs to channels.
  • You can also use Teams for one-on-one or Group chat, as well as online meetings.
  • Store your workgroup's files and access them from anywhere.
  • SharePoint sites are the underlying technology that support all document storage in O365.
  • Benefits of file storage in SharePoint include: folders, version control, sharing, the option to edit in Office 365 or desktop apps, and more.
  • Anyone at St. Thomas can set up a SharePoint site.
  • Departments should consider leveraging a SharePoint Hub Site to connect content and rollup from across many SharePoint sites and Teams. Submit a ticket to the Tech Desk to learn more about this option. 
  • SharePoint site can also contain web pages, lists, calendars, notification processes and more.
  • SharePoint sites support the same sharing via link settings available in OneDrive.
  • OneStThomas is the University's preferred location for internal news and information.
  • If you have to reach a large audience within the University, then OneStThomas is the best place to do that.
  • You can post news and events in your department's OneStThomas page, and they will aggregate up to the Intranet homepage.
  • OneStThomas aggregates content from across O365, so it's a great jumping off place to find content.
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