View a Report Version in Cognos Analytics 11

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The following article describes how to view or download a current or past report version in Cognos Analytics 11.

View a Current or Past Report Version 

You can use the link in a daily report email to access your report version for that day, or review all saved outputs at any time in Cognos Analytics platform.

  1. Navigate to the report in the menu and click the "More" button that is to the right of the report name
  2. Click the "View versions" item
  3. Click the desired version date (if multiple exist) to expand the version
  4. Click the desired version format (if multiple exist)
  5. An HTML or PDF version will show in your browser window, Excel, Excel Data or CSV will be downloaded to your computer.

How Long Are My Report Versions Available?

The current report version default is set to 1, meaning anytime throughout the day you can immediately view your report without having to wait for it to run but a refreshed report will be created the next day and you will not be able to reference the previous days output. You can update the number of saved past report outputs if multiple day comparison is necessary.  

For any report where the report version settings are greater than 1 then all of the saved outputs will be available on a rolling basis depending on the settings. For example if the report versions configuration is set to 3 then Monday = 1 version, Tuesday = 2 versions, Wed = 3 versions and Thursday would replace Monday's version to stay at 3 total outputs. 

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