Resident Cable TV Options by Location

Different campus living spaces may have different cable and networking methods available.

How to get Cable TV Programming by Residence

Residence Cable TV Options Network
Tommie North    
Tommie East Xfinity on Campus 3 data ports in the rooms so each resident can have a wired jack
Dowling Xi6 IPTV boxes in common spaces Additional Ethernet jack for a streaming device or smart TV
Ireland   UST Wifi
Murray-Herrick ClearQAM coaxial cable TV - you can  
Grace  connect any modern TV and scan for Varied amount of Ethernet access Ports
Cretin channels and you will get the UST  
SP Seminary channel lineup  
75 Grand    
71 Grand   UST Wifi
51 Grand Xfinity on Campus  
85 Grand    
9 Grand    
10 Summit    
39 Grand    
63 Grand    
59 Grand Xfinity-supplied cable TV box  
43 Grand installed in the common space  Varied amount of Ethernet access Ports
74 Summit    
66 Summit    
56 Summit    
54 Summit   UST Wifi
50 Summit Besides the common space  
44 Summit use Xfinity on Campus  
40 Summit    

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