Residence Halls: What Technology is Available

ITS provides the following services in the campus residence halls:

  • Computer Labs
  • Printers
  • Cable TV services
  • XFINITY On Demand live streaming
  • Wi-Fi & Network services

What to Bring to Campus?

Approved Devices Technology to Leave at Home

The following list is our recommendation for devices that are most-compatible with our campus network. 

  • Personal laptops / desktops
  • Game consoles
  • Tablets
  • Mobile phones
  • Smart TVs
  • Chromecasts
  • Wired printers via USB cord (note: wireless printers do not work on our network. See the technologyy to leave at home section for how students can use campus printers).

These devices are NOT recommended on campus.

  • Printers - students to do not need to bring a printer to campus because there are campus printers already provided in the residence halls and libaries. In addition, students are given a complimentary print credit each semester to use at campus printers. To learn more and to monitor your balance, view our printing FAQ page. If students chose to have a printer in their room, we ask that they bring wired printers rather than wireless for a more reliable printing experience.
  • Wireless Routers - These damage the strength of the wi-fi for all users on the network. If you experience slow internet speeds please contact the Tech Desk. 
  • TV Converter Box - If students bring their own TV, they will have access to Cable TV Channels and several HD channels on campus

Connecting Devices to the Internet

  • Wi-Fi For personal devices like laptops, phone, and tablets: Use the UST network and sign-in with your St. Thomas username (do not include the and password. This network is secure and encrypted to protect your information.
  • Wi-Fi for game consoles and media streaming devices: Use the UST-Open network for devices that do not allow you enter in a password.
  • Wired Ethernet: Simply plug your gaming device into the network wall jack. Your gaming device should automatically connect and be profiled after a reboot. 

With either connection, wired or wireless, a reboot will be necessary after connecting to the network.

View our Wi-Fi Troubleshooting article for more information.

Other Frequently Asked Questions