Network Access

This service is available for faculty, staff, students, and visitors

Wired and wireless network access is available throughout campus. Faculty, staff, and students are able to automatically join the network and move around campus without needing to re-authenticate or losing network connectivity.

Available Networks

Access campus resources and the internet using these wired and wireless networks:

  • UST: Wired and wireless network for faculty, staff, and students. 
    UST is the preferred network on campus for faculty, staff, and students using network resources. It is accessible with your username and password and is encrypted, offering additional protection for usernames, passwords, and data. 
  • UST-Open: Wireless network for visitors to campus, game consoles, and media streaming devices. 
    UST-Open is unencrypted and is meant to serve guests and devices that are not compatible with encrypted networks. While this network is targeted to guests, it is open to faculty, staff, and students, but does not offer the security of encryption. The UST-Open network requires re-registration every 24-hours, is configured to limit bandwidth, and is meant to provide Internet services only. For devices that need to access the UST-Open network on a regular basis, there is an easy to use self-registration portal that eliminates the 24-hour registration requirement.
  • Eduroam: Wireless network for use when visiting participating locations. 
    Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure service that allows students, faculty, and staff to obtain internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions across the U.S. and around the globe. Learn how to connect to the eduroam network and find participating locations.

Device Registration & Internet Troubleshooting

If your mobile phone, game console, or media streaming device is not properly connecting to the St. Thomas internet, you can register your device in the MyDevice portal. Go to our knowledge base article on Wi-Fi troubleshooting to learn more. 

Getting Started

Access this service by connecting your device to the internet using the wi-fi or wired ethernet connection. 

Request Service

Our request service form will allow you to troubleshoot or report a network problem.