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The Salesforce platform is supporting current student engagements for Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

Request NSLDS/COD/FAA access for Financial Aid Staff.

Poll Everywhere allows students to respond to class polls via text messages and a web interface.

Salesforce is the University of St. Thomas's system of engagement for students (prospective, current, and alumni).

Request form to build time tickets for students to register in Murphy Online.

Banner contains the university's system of record for alumni, employee, financial, and student information.

Learn how technology can help you develop courses that achieve student learning outcomes.

Requests for manual adjustments to a student's degree evaluation.

New accounts for faculty and staff privileged access, and student worker accounts (XST).

Request cancellation of financial aid for groups of more than 15 students.

Request to mass add or drop students to a course.

Request adjustments to the student degree evaluations.

New accounts for people that are not faculty, staff, or students but still require St. Thomas systems access.

A mailbox is provided in Office 365 to all qualified students, faculty, and staff members upon creation of their St. Thomas account.

Co-create and implement online (digital) student learning supports such as orientations sites, student-focused technology resources, and success tools. Advocate for a connected, equitable, student digital experience.