This service is available for faculty, staff, students, and student workers.

ITS can provide data, integrate data and databases, and help you understand how to utilize data to achieve your business goals.

Warning: Please note this data request can be viewed by all Tommie Tech Service Technicians and sensitive data and/or comments should not be entered through this form. 

Our data services include:

  • Data Integrations: (Note: this service is not available to students)
    • New Data Field: Request a new data field to be added to a table, view, or database.
    • Move/Copy Data Field: Request a data field to be moved or copied from one place to another (example 1: Move field A from Salesforce Opportunity to Application, Example 2: Move field A from View 1 to View 2) 
    • New Database: Integrate a database or data from an external system/platform your team is using but is not connected to the official University database.
  • Data Consultation
    Have a lot of data at your fingertips (internal or external) but not sure how to best utilize it to achieve your business goals? Book an appointment with a data team member and we will personally work with you to explore how you and your team can use data-driven decision making in your day-to-day work.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Data
    The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Institutional Data, Analytics & Reporting are partnering to ensure all diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) data is transparency and available to the University community. Submit a request for data you are looking to use in a project, for a grant, or any initiatives for the DEI strategic plan! 
  • Data Privacy and Ethics
    Learn how the University categorizes data on different levels of sensitivity. This service allows one to request a specific data field be recategorized, collaborate with data team regarding data use and privacy at the University, as well as report any misuse of data.
  • Data Needed for External Surveys
    Partaking in an external survey on behalf of your area and need official data? Share the specific data questions you need answered. Be sure to check out IDAR OneStthomas page for high level data or use of the Common Data Set (CDS) for many surveys.

All data shared with individuals and groups outside of the university follows the university data privacy, security & ethics standards and processes. Data shared externally is always used to positively promote the University of St. Thomas to the best of the persons ability.All data integrated has been obtained legally and ethically. 

Getting Started

Complete the request service form to get started. 

Request Service

Our request service form will allow you to:

  • Request a New Data Field
  • Copy/Move a Data Field from one place to another
  • Troubleshoot or report a data problem
  • Request consultation on utilizing your data or establishing privacy processes. 
  • Request a new data definition be added to the official university data catalog. (All requests flow through the official Data Empowerment process for approval)
  • Request data facts for external survey
  • Request updates and changes to data structure, process, definitions, etc.
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