Learning Assessment

This service is available for faculty and students

St. Thomas offers a range of tools in support of the measurement of learning. This range spans the gamut from supporting multiple assessment models to supporting the measurement of selected learning outcomes.

Current Learning Assessment tools include:

  • Proctorio
    • Proctorio is a fully automated remote proctoring system that secures exams in Canvas by using computers to monitor student test-taking behavior. The flexible lockdown browser and automated behavior monitoring put the instructor in control of the proctoring process. Exam footage is analyzed and delivered directly to the Canvas grade book with only the actions the instructor has selected as suspicious highlighted for review. 
  • Examsoft
  • Bubble-sheet scanning (Scantron)

Getting Started

To learn more about Proctorio read the Knowledge Base article Proctorio: Getting Started with Remote Proctoring 

Request Service

To request Proctorio use the service form on this page (the "Click to Request Service" button). Make sure to include the following information in your request:

  • Course name and URL
  • The approximate number of students in the course
  • How many quizzes (exams) Proctorio will be used for

A technician will enable Proctorio in your class and add a Proctorio support module. In this module, you will find an unpublished faculty support page and a published student support page. You can edit the student support page if you want to add more details.


  • Contact Proctorio Support directly for questions about the tool: email at support@proctorio.com or by phone at 1-866-948-9248
  • Schedule a Canvas (Course Management) appointment through STELAR Bookings for questions that Proctorio support cannot answer or submit a ticket using this form. 
  • If you are experiencing issues during an exam Please contact Proctorio chat directly through the icon in the exam.


Click to Request Service

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Review this article to help you decide if remote proctoring is appropriate for your course. Also consider working with a STELAR instructional designer to help with this decision.


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