Printing: Getting Started

This service is available for faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

All St. Thomas members can print directly from any campus computer, any web browser, a USB, or by connecting a printer to your personal laptop (this option requires downloading the PaperCut software). See the Features & Ways to Print section below.

Visitors must use public computers in the University Libraries and must purchase guest print credits from the front desk in $1 or $5 increments. Learn more about Guest Printing on campus including how to create a guest PaperCut account and add funds to your PaperCut account. 

  Students & Visitors Faculty, Staff, & Student Workers
Grayscale Prints (Black and white) $0.05/page $0.01/page
Color Prints $0.50/page $0.10/page

Note: Students receive a complimentary print credit at the start of each term to cover approximately 400 pages of black and white printing on campus.

Your printing balance can be tracked and monitored in PaperCut and from the My Actions tab of your OneStThomas homepage.

Grayscale and duplex printing are the default settings on all campus printers in order to reduce paper usage and manage print costs. A dialogue window will pop-up on your computer with a preview of the document details and cost of the print job so that you can confirm this is correct before printing costs are accrued.  

About Printers on Campus 

ITS manages the majority of printers on campus, however there are many that are purchased through a department.  

  • All managed network printers are labeled with bright tags and a unique three- or four-digit number to simplify printer identification when reporting a problem to the Tech Desk. ITS asks that the identifier be given to the Tech Desk when reporting an issue with a printer. 
  • Purchased printers are not monitored or managed by ITS. We will work with you as a partner in assisting your department in purchasing a printer for your needs. If your department wishes to purchase a printer, please use the request form on this page.

Learn more about the differences in printing cost and supplies.

Features & Ways to Print 

St. Thomas members have the ability to: 

  • Print on campus from any St. Thomas computer (office, lab, or libraries)
  • Print on campus from personal computers by connecting to a campus printer and downloading the PaperCut software.
  • FollowMe Printing
    • Print from personal devices ​​​​​​and use your ID to release the print at any multi-functioning printer (MFP).
    • Print from off campus and use your ID to release the print at any multi-functioning printer (MFP) when you come on campus.​​​​​
    • Confidential and delayed printing also available when using FollowMe
  • Use Web Print to print from any device in the web browser to most printers. Limited print options (no duplex, staple, etc).
    • This is your print option when printing from most phones, tablets, and other not quite computer devices.
  • Print from a USB flash drive
  • Make copies of documents at any campus Multi-Functioning Printer (MFPs – ie. Copier/scanners).
  • Scan directly to your personal OneDrive or send the scan to an email address
  • Fax domestically and internationally 

*Click any of the links above to get step by step instruction on utilizing the service

Getting Started 

Manage your print balance by logging in with your username and password to PaperCut.  

Search the knowledge base for more detailed instructions on how to copy, scan, and fax. 

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk