Printing: How to Use Web Print

Print from any web browser without having to install software or add a printer. Simply upload your document online using the Web Print feature in PaperCut at 

How to Use Web Print

Note: All online printing defaults to double-sided printing and will print in black and white. If the printer has a -C at the end of its name that indicates that it can print in color.

  1. Connect to any of the Wi-Fi networks
  2. Go to
  3. Login with your username and password
  4. Go to the "Web Print" tab on the left menu
  5. Click "Submit a Job >>"
  6. Select a printer from the list by clicking on its name.
    1. FollowMe printers allow you to send your print to a virtual queue for up to 24 hours and wait to release it until you are at the printer and swipe your ID card.  (choose FollowMeBlack for grayscale prints and FollowMeColor for color prints)
    2. Printers are named according to their building, room number, and a unique 4-digit number. For example, "LIB1FL-5028" is printer number 5028 in the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library on the 1st floor. Search for a printer using either the building code or the 4-digit number that is affixed to each printer.
    3. Color printers are named with a suffix of "-C"
  7. Click the "Print Options and Account Selection >>" Button
  8. Select the number of copies and to charge to your personal account
  9. Click on "Upload Documents >>" button
  10. Add your files to the upload section by either dragging the files from your desktop or by clicking the "Upload from computer" button to browse and select it that way.
  11. Click "Upload and Complete"
  12. You'll then be directed to the Web Print page to see recent jobs cost and status
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