Printing: What to do when the printer runs out of paper or supplies

The answer depends on what kind of printer it is.

ITS manages the majority of printers on campus, however there are many that are purchased through a department. Learn about the differences below.

  Managed Printers Department-Purchased Printers
What is the difference? All managed network printers are labeled with bright tags and a unique three- or four-digit number to simplify printer identification when reporting a problem to the Tech Desk. ITS asks that the identifier be given to the Tech Desk when reporting an issue with a printer. Purchased printers are not monitored or managed by ITS. We will work with you as a partner in assisting your department in purchasing a printer for your needs. If your department wishes to purchase a printer, inquiries may be sent to
How are prints charged? Every St. Thomas member who prints or makes a copy incurs a printing charge for their department. Printing charges cover toner, MFP maintenance, and the process of printing or copying the image on the paper. Rates are listed above. There are no additional charges for printing or copying on purchased devices.
How is toner provided? Managed printers are monitored for toner automatically. TheTech Desk will receive a replacement cartridge when the toner is less than 10% for black and white only machines and at 25% for color capable multi-functional printers. Our staff will then replace the cartridge and return the used cartridge to our print vendor to be recycled. Devices may still give a “toner low” alert, which should be disregarded. If you notice print quality is affected contact the Tech Desk for a technician to troubleshoot. Toner for purchased printers and copiers must be ordered through a preferred vendor which are available by visiting the Purchasing Services website.
Who provides the printer's supplies? Departments are responsible for providing paper for print and copy jobs that can be ordered through the Bookstore. Printer supplies for purchased printers and copiers must be ordered through a preferred vendor which are available by visiting the Purchasing Services website.
How do I request repair and maintenance? St. Thomas has an outside vendor, Marco Inc., to facilitate any or all hardware repairs to managed printers. Marco has an on campus presence and can best be reached for any necessary repairs by first contacting the Tech Desk.

If the device is still under the manufacturer's warranty, Marco will perform maintenance and repairs for Laserjet printers by HP, Sharp, and Konica Minolta (except Microfiche).

Out of warranty: Marco will still service HP, Sharp, and Konica Minolta Laserjets, but at a rate of $135/hr plus parts ($135 minimum). Billing begins at the time the Marco technician leaves his desk. You will be charged the hourly rate for an estimate.

There will be no maintenance or repair on deskjet or inkjet printers and the University generally regards these as disposable.

Any purchased printer that is not serviced by Marco, for one reason or another, will need to be arranged by the client/department with another vendor or the manufacturer. Please contact the Tech Desk with any questions.


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