Fax from a Sharp MFP

You are able to send a fax to local, long distance, and international fax numbers from multi-functioning printers (MFPs). 

There currently is no direct "printing" charge for printing faxes, but there may be charges for long distance calls associated with a fax job. If you need to send a fax to a long distance or international number but do not have a long distance code, you will need to request one through our Telephone Service request form. 

How to Send a Fax

  1. Log in to the MFP by swiping your ID or using the built-in keyboard.
  2. If prompted, choose your account.
  3. You see the home screen.  Swipe left or press the arrow to go to Page 2.Image displaying the menu options after logging in to a printer.

  4. Choose “Fax”
    Image demonstrating which button to press on the menu to send a fax.

  5. Touch the box to input your address.  (Note that you will actually send an email to send a fax.)Image displaying where to input the fax number.
  6. Use the keyboard to enter your fax number, then “@fax.stthomas.edu”. Click OK.  Use the pre-defined button that will add “fax.stthomas.edu” for you.
    Note: In this example, I am sending a fax internally to another St. Thomas area, so I used the 5-digit campus extension. 

    For on-campus numbers, enter the 5-digit extension: eg 12345@fax.stthomas.edu
    For local numbers, enter ‘8’ followed by the area code and number: eg. 86515558888@fax.stthomas.edu
    For long distance, enter ‘8’ followed by the area code and number followed by your long distance code: eg. 8155577777779999999@fax.stthomas.eduImage displaying a shortcut button to add the fax ending.
  7. Click Start.
    Image displaying where the start button is on the fax screen.

  8. Your fax will send, then you will receive an email notification when it has delivered successfully.
    Example of a successful fax confirmation notification.

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