OneStThomas: How to Update your Profile

This service is for faculty, staff, and student.

You can personalize your OneStThomas experience by updating your OneStThomas profile, including your profile picture, office location, experience, what you are working on or courses you are teaching. Each of the following fields are optional.

How to update and manage your profile in OneStThomas (OST)

There are several fields you can update and manage in your OneStThomas profile. This help desk article will walk you through each of them. Please note, each of the fields covered in this article are optional, only fill out the information you want to share with the rest of the OneStThomas community. All information you add to your profile is available and searchable by all current University faculty, staff and students.

Accessing your OST Profile

  • Access your profile by clicking your name in the top right corner of any OneStThomas page.
  • This will open a drop down, select "View Profile." Screen reader users, this is label is "Toggle User Menu"
  • Next to the circle with your profile picture or the silhouette of a person (if you haven't yet added an image), click the green circle with an ellipses. Screen reader users, the button has a label of "Toggle dropdown menu".
  • Select "Edit"

Update your Profile Picture

  • "Update Profile Picture" section will have a blank outline of a person if you have not previously added an image to your profile.
  • To add an image, click the green button in the "Update Profile Picture" section and select your desired image from your computer.
  • Your OneStThomas profile image will generate when someone searches your name, in the top right corner of every OneStThomas page, and on your profile page.
  • Your image will display in a circular frame, so make sure the most important part of the image is in the center, center of the image. Content in the corners of your picture will be cut off.
  • Please note, this image should be 240 x 240 px.

Add your Location

  • While OneStThomas will automatically pull office location and mailstop from Murphy Online. We also offer a Location drop down. You can choose your office location or your residence hall from this drop down.

Update your About Me and Experience

  • At the bottom of the Personal Information section, use the “About Me” and “Experience” boxes to add projects or courses with which you are associated. This will allow others to search for you in OneStThomas by these terms. 
  • About Me” is a place to describe your position. Information in "About Me" pulls into News and Event articles when you are the author. It is recommended that you use this space to describe what you do at the university.
  • Experience” generates next to your name in your OneStThomas profile. You will notice, there is not a label for this section, so while it is called "Experience" it can be used to display past positions, degrees or projects. This is also a good location to put digital office hours.
  • Remeber to SAVE when you are finished making updates.

Add Social Media

  • You can optionally add your personal or office Twitter or LinkedIn handles in the corresponding fields in the Contact section.

Accessibility Settings

  • The final options on the page are two checkboxes next to High Contrast and Keyboard user.
  • High Contrast increases the default contrast on OneStThomas pages
  • Keyboard User adds a more distinct focus state for individuals who regularly use keyboards to navigate or those who prefer a visible focus state.

What you can't edit

Many parts of your profile sync directly with Murphy Online. As a result, you can’t update those items within OneStThomas. If you noticed one of the below areas are wrong, you will need to log in to Murphy Online to make edits to these fields.

  •     Name
  •     Office Location
  •     Mailstop
  •     Telephone
  •     Email
  •     Department
  •     Job Title

A note about Job Title: Job Title is synced from your HR job title. If you feel that your job title is incorrect, you will need to contact Human Resources about getting that changed. 

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk


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