Viewing Academic History in Murphy Online

Follow these steps to view academic history in Murphy Online:

  1. Log into Murphy Online.
  2. Select Advisor Menu or Faculty Services.
    • If using Advisor Menu, proceed to Step 3.
    • If using Faculty Services, select Student Information Menu before proceeding to Step 3.
  3. Select ID Selection.
    • If prompted, select the current academic term.
  4. Enter the 9-digit ID number for the student.
    • You can obtain the ID from:
      1. The student.
      2. Your department administrator through research in Banner (INB).
      3. The Office of Student Data and Registrar.
    • NOTE: the Student and Advisee Query will not work for former St. Thomas students.
  5. Click Submit, and check the student’s name on the confirmation page.
  6. Click Submit again.
  7. Now you may navigate directly to the student’s information in Murphy Online.
    • Examples of viewable information include:
      1. Student Academic Transcript
      2. Degree Evaluation
      3. Test Score(s)
      4. Student Summary Schedule and more


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