SharePoint: Syncing and Un-Syncing a SharePoint site to file explorer or finder

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You can sync and un-sync files from a SharePoint site to your computer using the steps below. This sync utilizes the OneDrive sync client, and provides a similar experience for accessing your files.

How to Sync a SharePoint site

  1. On the SharePoint site that you want to sync files from, select Sync.

    Note: If your browser asks for permission to use OneDrive, confirm that it's OK.

  2. Sign in to OneDrive to start syncing your files and finish OneDrive setup.

  3. Learn about files on demand to avoid filling up your hard drive with synced files. This video and article from Microsoft should help get you started.

  4. Please note, you cannot sync the same content more than once. That will result in a broken sync.

Click here for detailed information about working with synced files, including sync status icon, moving files, and deleting files.

Microsoft video training and more information here.

How to Un-sync a SharePoint site

If you sync a site, then later decide you want to un-sync it, it is a TWO step process to undo the sync.

  1. On a Windows computer, click the blue cloud icon in the bottom right of your screen.

On a Mac, click the cloud icon in the upper right of your screen.

  1. Click Help & Settings.
  2. Click the Account tab.

  3. Locate the folder you would like to remove and click Stop Sync.
  4. Click Stop Sync to confirm.
  5. Now, navigate to the SharePoint folder you would like to remove in File Explorer on a PC  or Finder on a Mac.
  6. Delete the folder(s) there. This step deletes the copy of the files that was stored on your computer.
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