Email: Add, remove, and check a secondary mailbox to Outlook

This service is for faculty, staff, and student workers.

How to add or remove a secondary mailbox to Outlook

Outlook on PC

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to the File menu
  3. On the Info tab, click on the Account Settings button to open a dropdown menu
  4. Select top choice of Account settings
    Account settings menu in full version Outlook
  5. Double click on your e-mail address (in Name field)
    Email account settings in Outlook
  6. Click on More settings
    Screenshot of how to select more settings for exchange accounts
  7. Go to the Advanced Tab
  8. Uncheck the following items under Cached Exchange Mode Settings:
    1. Uncheck Download shared folders
    2. Uncheck Download public folder favorites
      Mailbox settings menu
  9. Click the Add button (If you are removing a mailbox, ensure it is highlighted in blue and then click the Remove button instead)
  10. Type in email for the secondary mailbox and select OK
  11. Click Apply then click  OK
  12. Click Next
  13. Click Finish
  14. Restart Outlook


Outlook on Mac

  1. Open Outlook for Mac.
  2. Select File.
  3. Select Open.
  4. Select Other User's Folder.
    1. screenshot of other user folder location
  5. Select Inbox from the folder type drop-down menu.
  6. Enter the Title of your shared folder in the search box.
  7. Select your Shared Mailbox from the list.
  8. Select Open.
    1. screenshot of entering mailbox name and selecting from list


How to Access and Check a Secondary Mailbox from the Web

You can also access your St. Thomas email from any web browser using the instructions below:

  1. Go to OneStThomas 
  2. Go to the Apps and Tools menu at the top
  3. Click on Office 365 Apps tab
  4. Click on Outlook Email
  5. Click on your profile picture and user account in upper right-hand corner
    How to open a secondary mailbox from outlook web
  6. Select Open another mailbox
  7. Type in mailbox name and click Open
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