Email: How to Add St. Thomas Account to iOS Mail on an iPhone

This service is for faculty, staff, and students.

On the iPhone you may be able to view St. Thomas email through the Apple Mail app by following the below directions. Should the below directions not work we recommend using the Outlook app that is available for free from the Apple app store on the device.

The Outlook app is the recommended way to view St. Thomas email outside of the browser as other mail apps provide unpredictable success and results. 


  1. Ensure your device is on it's most current Operating system Version and has all updates installed
  2. Ensure that your Mail application is completely updated
  3. Go to Settings 
  4. Click Mail and add account 
  5. Choose Exchange 
  6. Enter info: 
    1. Email: 
    2. Description: UST Email Choose Configure Manually 
  7. Enter Information: 
    1. Password: UST password 
    2. Server: 
    3. Domain: 
    4. Username: 
  8. Choose what items you want synced (Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes) 
  9. Wait for mail to load (it may take a couple minutes), If it seems to be taking too long try rebooting the device 

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