VoiceThread: How to Make a VoiceThread Assignment in Canvas

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This article describes how to set up VoiceThread assignments in Canvas. Below, are answers to common questions regarding the upgrade. 

What are VoiceThread Assignments?

You can now add a VoiceThread activity directly to a Canvas Assignment through the External Tool integration. There are three basic assignment types: 

  1. Watch assignment: You can have students watch an entire VoiceThread you created. 
  2. Comment assignment: Allows students to comment on a VoiceThread you or others created. 
  3. Create assignment: You can require students to create their own VoiceThread and share it with the class.

VoiceThread's interface and functionality has been improved by providing more control and easier navigation by instructors and course builders. 

What does the new interface look like? 

The new interface provides step-by-step on-screen instructions for setting up a VoiceThread assignment in Canvas. 

New Assignment interface

How do I Add a VoiceThread Assignment?

Just like before, adding a VoiceThread assignment in Canvas, is done through the External Tool. Access the External Tool either by adding it to a Module, or through the Assignment Submission Type.

External Tool in Module         External Tool Submission Type  

Once added, all the assignment settings and choices for connecting to a VoiceThread or having students create their own VoiceThread, are done though the New Assignment interface (shown in previous section). 

There are four main steps to using VoiceThread assignments. Each step includes several options and is explained in detail through the following tutorials:  

  1. Add a VoiceThread link to your course
  2. Configure your activity
  3. Wait for students to submit
  4. Grade student submissions

How can I get help with VoiceThread Assignments?

VoiceThread has provided instructions, including screenshots and videos, for each step of the set up process. Access the VoiceThread tutorials here

New Assignments Tutorial

Access the Instructor Guide here. Please send students to the Student Guide for help completing and submitting VoiceThread assignments. 

For more information and other tutorials, see VoiceThread's YouTube channel. 


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