Online Asynchronous Discussions (VoiceThread)

This service is available for faculty, staff, and students.

VoiceThread is a robust discussion tool that gives students and faculty the ability to have asynchronous conversations using their voice, video, images, text and more. VoiceThread makes a great tool for class introductions, narrated slides, group dialogue and student presentations.

Getting Started

VoiceThread can be accessed through Apps and Tools on, or through Canvas when integrated into an activity or assignment. First-time users should go through One.StThomas > Apps & Tools > VoiceThread to be sure their account gets activated prior to working in Canvas.

  • Instructors can integrate VoiceThread in Canvas through an External Tool and have several options for how it works and displays to students.

  • Students clicking on a VoiceThread link in Canvas are able to add comments, ask questions, and further contribute to the conversation via text, microphone or video.

  • Both Instructors and Students can upload and narrate slides or MP4 videos for others to comment on and discuss.

See the related VoiceThread Getting Started article for further information.


Request Service

Since all University of St. Thomas faculty and students have a VoiceThread account the easiest way to get help is to go into VoiceThread (see above) and click the blue Help button on the right side of the screen.

Fill out a Request for Service to set up a VoiceThread consultation or ask for help on a particular VoiceThread issue.

Click to Request Service

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