Murphy Online: Update Office Location or Phone Number

This service is for faculty and staff.

The information entered under in Murphy Online is used across many university systems, including the email information in Outlook, OneStThomas, St. Thomas Directory, and more. 

If you find your contact information is incorrect, follow the steps below to ensure your contact information (e.g. office location, office telephone number, etc.) are up-to-date.

Update Existing Campus Office Information

  1. Login to Murphy Online
  2. Navigate to "Personal Information"
  3. Click on "Update Addresses and Phones"
  4. Locate the "Campus Office" section
    • If "Campus Office" does not exist follow the steps in the next section below to add
  5. Click on the text that says "Current" to update campus office information ensuring the fields are populated with the following information
    • Address Line 1: University of St. Thomas
    • Adress Line 2: Your building and room number (which will be visible in systems)
    • Address Line 3:
      • If on the St. Paul campus enter: 2115 Summit Ave
      • If on the Minneapolis campus enter: 1000 Lasalle Ave
    • City: Minneapolis or Saint Paul
    • State: Minnesota
    • Zip or Postal Code: Campus Zip Code (55105 for St. Paul and 55403 for Minneapolis)
    • Nation: United States
    • Primary Phone for This Address: Your office phone number (which will be visible in systems)
  6. Click "Submit" when done.
  7. Changes may take up to 48-hours to be applied.

Adding "Campus Office"

If this is your first time entering your campus office information into Murphy Online (as noted in step 4 of the section above), you will need to add it using the following steps. 

  1. Complete Steps 1-4 from the section above
  2. Under the "Type of Address to Insert" dropdown, select "Campus Office"
  3. Fill in all information (if you need address information, reference section above)
  4. Click on "Submit" to apply changes
  5. Changes may take up to 48-hours to be applied.


To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk

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