Microsoft Accessibility

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Microsoft has a number of resources to help you make your Word, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft content more accessible.


  1. Start by checking the accessibility of your content with the Accessibility Checker. You can open and run this checker directly from the item you want to check.
  2. Watch a video lesson to learn how to correct an issue.
  3. Visit the resource links to find in-depth information about accessibility for a specific version of a Microsoft app.

Microsoft Accessibility Checker

accessibility checker icon

     Using the Microsoft Accessibility Checker



Accessibility Video Training

Visit the Microsoft video training library to learn how to address any issues that are found while using the accessibility checker.

Accessibility Video Training

microsoft video training options

Create Accessible Content in Microsoft Apps

For each of the Microsoft Apps below: visit the link, select your version, and view the Best Practices table for helping making your content accessible.

Outlook iconOutlook



Word icon  Word



excel icon  Excel



PowerPoint icon  PowerPoint



OneNote icon  OneNote



SharePoint icon  SharePoint



Microsoft app table example


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