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What Documents Show Up in OneStThomas Search and Document Widgets?

Nearly all documents and files you see on OneStThomas are stored in Microsoft Office 365. As with other University content, that means the files are stored on OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. Due to this integration between OneStThomas and Microsoft Office 365, you will likely see similar documents on OneStThomas as you do on  This means you will see content meant to be viewed by the entire University, as well as secure and private files from your  OneDrive and SharePoint sites. 

Please remember that all content surfaced via document roll up and search is security trimmed, meaning that you only see what you already have access to. Other users cannot see your secure and private files unless they already have access in Microsoft Office 365.

Below are two screen shots of a documents widgets from the same page. The only difference is they were captured by two different users. You will notice that the documents that show on the same page depending on what a specific user has access to.

My Documents Example 1My Documents Example 2 - showing different documents

What if I see a secure or sensitive file on OneStThomas?

If you have existing access to some sensitive files, then you will likely see them in OneStThomas search and on various "My Documents" widgets on pages. This does not mean that others users can access those same files on OneStThomas or elsewhere. Access to those files reflects the access set in Microsoft Office 365. So if a user does not have access to your OneDrive or SharePoint site, they will not have access to your sensitive files on OneStThomas.

If you see something you find concerning from a security perspective, keep in mind the document's actual location. You will likely find the file is stored somewhere you already have access to, with permissions and access managed there. If you don't think you should have access to the file(s) in question, please contact the owner of the file or SharePoint site to let them know. 

  • If you aren't sure who the owner is, consider using People search to find a department admin, chair, or manager who may know more about the file(s) in question.
  • If you own SharePoint sites or share from you OneDrive, always be sure you know who has access to your sites, files, and folders. Please submit a request for help from ITS if you need help managing permissions and access to your files. 
  • It's important for everyone who owns or creates content on Microsoft Office 365 to keep permissions and access in mind when they create content. Please always be mindful of where you are saving your files. However, OneStThomas does not provide any additional access or permissions to content already stored on Microsoft Office 365.
  • Learn how to check who has access to a file or folder on SharePoint or OneDrive.
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