Zoom: How to Delete or Download Cloud Recordings (and host alternatively on Panopto)

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This service is for faculty, staff, and students.

How to Access Cloud Recordings

  1. Log into Zoom's website https://stthomas.zoom.us
  2. Select Recordings on the left menu
    recording menu in Zoom online portal

How to Delete or Download Recording Files

Option 1: Delete all files associated to recording(s)

This is a fast way to select and delete multiple recordings in a single action.

  1. Check the box(es) to the left of any recording(s) you wish to delete.
  2. Select Delete Selected at the top. This deletes all files associated to the recording(s) selected.

Option 2: Delete/Download selected files for a recording

Sometimes you may only want to keep a particular version (e.g. Active speaker view, Gallery view, or Shared screen with speaker view) and delete the other files you don't need. Note: depending on your recording settings and in-meeting selections, not all versions for every recording may exist.

  1. Click on a recording’s title to display all files associated to the recording.
  2. Hover over each file to see options to download or delete.
    Note: Audio transcript files are very small and don’t matter for conserving storage space. Feel free to skip them to save time.

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Once downloaded, you have the option of storing your videos in Panopto, the main St. Thomas video streaming platform. It gives you additional benefits (eg. advanced viewing statistics so you can see when and for how long people watch your videos!). Learn more about this feature in our article: How to upload a video into Panopto.

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