Email Distribution Groups

This service is for faculty and staff.

Email distribution groups help to save email contact information for a group of individuals that share a common interest or role at the university.

If you wish to raise awareness for an event or send a communication to members of the university, please first explore the following options:

Automated Email Distribution Groups (Auto: DGs)

These auto-populated distribution groups serve as a way for university leadership to streamline email communication to broad audiences for direct and timely messages. 

View a list of available Auto DGs and instructions finding DGs. 

How to Request a new Auto:DG

Please fill out the form in TTS for Email, Distribution Groups, and Calendar.

Once complete, a ticket will be created and we will follow up with you. View more on our Service Catalog page for Mass Email to learn more about this service and receive support. 

Other Ways to Create a Distribution Group

You can create a Microsoft 365 Group to serve as a distribution group and shared mailbox. This allows you to manage membership yourself. These groups come with SharePoint sites and can be used in Microsoft Teams

Create a Microsoft 365 Group in Outlook.

 To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk

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Microsoft Outlook in Office 365 is the university's official solution for email and calendaring. Submit a request here for: -Request new Shared Mailboxes -Request Spam Whitelisting -Sending Email from External Services -Troubleshooting (be sure to include mailbox affected and platform attempting to send from) -DG membership updates