What is LiquidFiles Secure File and Data Share?

This service is available for all faculty, staff, and students.

What is LiquidFiles Secure File Share?

LiquidFiles Secure File Share is a secure data and file sharing solution used by the University for sharing any kind of data (at any security level) internally or externally as well as files that are too large to be sent via email or need to be shared securely with an external party. University members can upload files to the platform, create links or send emails directly through the secured platform. The recipient recieves an email from the sender's name with a link to the files for access.

LiquidFiles can be used:

  • Using the LiquidFiles App on OneStthomas
  • Through the Outlook plugin on Windows computers

When should I use LiquidFiles Secure File Share?

We recommend using LiquidFiles Secure File Share when you want to share any kind of university data, reports, or documents with any private information you would not want a hacker to have access to. This tool should also be used to transfer any files to large in size to share via email. 

What are the benefits of using LiquidFiles Secure File Share?

  • All files are encrypted, authenticated, and virus-scanned.
  • Share data, files, presentations, zip files, or whole folders safely internally or externally.
  • Send and receive unlimited sized files to anyone .
  • Can be used within Outlook (with plug-in).
  • Be notified when the receiver opens the files you've sent.
  • Set expiration dates for all sharing.
  • Can create shareable links in a matter of seconds.

Where are the secure,encrypted files temporarily stored?

All files that are shared are encrypted and temporarily stored in the University data center. 


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