Classroom Technology Prep Checklist

This service is for faculty.

 This document is a collection of tasks that may be helpful in preparing to provide instruction using Zoom from a Flex Classroom setup.   

Pre-Class Checklist

When you arrive:  Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts to accomplish the following...

  1. Disinfect the work surface and technology hardware that you will be using.  Do not assume that the previous occupant disinfected the equipment after last use.  Disinfectant and wipes are located on the wall in each classroom.  Remember to wipe the keyboard, mouse, document camera, annotation monitor, remote controls, and the desk surface before you begin.
  2. Power up the system (if it is not already on) and login to the computer using your St. Thomas username and password.  This will allow your credentials to be passed along to other applications that use them. 
  3. If you have scheduled your Zoom session through Canvas, launch Canvas now and login.  Next, launch the zoom session and connect to ‘computer audio’.  Ensure that the proper camera (usually the PTZ Camera) is selected. 
  4. If you have a secondary laptop, iPad, or other device, consider using it as a Zoom base station.  Open the secondary device independent of the classroom PC.  Launch zoom, but do not log into zoom as the host on this device to avoid conflicts when controlling zoom on the classroom PC. Dismiss the prompt to join computer audio to avoid feedback. View participants in the gallery view.  Click and drag the corner of the participant window to allow you to see all participants.  
    1. If students are present in the room, and have a computer or an appropriate device, consider asking them to join the Zoom session. Have them select ‘do not connect to audio”.   
    2. Consider if you want to allow chat between students during the lecture.   
    3. Consider asking the students who are remote to use the ‘raise hand’ option within the chat window if they have questions. 
    4. Consider asking one or more students who are in the classroom to monitor the chat window and to alert you when questions arise, or at an appropriate break.
  5. Consider Students who may not come to class due to illness.  It may not be apparent that a student is absent until several minutes into the start of class.  Would a recorded Zoom session be the most appropriate way to bring that student up to speed?  If so, start the zoom session before each class begins.  Coordinate audio, video, and share the source of instruction (Power Point, etc.).  Start Recording to the cloud so that you don't forget later.  After the Zoom meeting has ended and the recording finishes processing, usually within an hour or two, the recording will become available. If the Zoom meeting was scheduled in your Meetings, at, you may copy the link to share from Recordings, also at If the Zoom meeting was scheduled through the Canvas Zoom Pro link, a link to the recording will be emailed to students in the class automatically once the recording is available.
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