Minitab: Home Use

This service is for faculty, staff, and students.

Minitab is a statistical software tool designed for easy interactive use and for analyzing research data. This software is available for download for faculty,staff and students for use on personally owned Windows devices. 

Note: Minitab has discontinued the Mac desktop client for Minitab and all versions of Minitab Express. Legacy versions of Minitab Express are still available for download on the Minitab portal but they are not covered under St. Thomas' license agreement.

How to Use Minitab on a Mac

Minitab has discontinued the Mac version of its software, however there is a browser based client available.  

  1. Go to and log in with your standard St. Thomas email address.
    Minitab Sign In Window
  2. Accept the terms of the Subscription Agreement.
  3. Run Minitab in the browser.


How to Install Minitab for on a Personally Owned, Windows Device

  1. First, uninstall any existing versions of Minitab on your computer
    1. To uninstall a previous version of Minitab go to your Control Panel and open "Programs and Features"
    2. Look for versions of Minitab prior to v20. Double-click on the application to begin the un-installation process
  2. Go to the Minitab Portal and enter your standard St. Thomas email address (NOT your vanity email address) and click Next.
    Minitab Sign In Window
  3. Choose Downloads.
    My Account page on the Minitab portal
  4. Under Minitab Statistical Software select DOWNLOAD DESKTOP APP(LICENSE REQUIRED) and click Download.
    Minitab Download Desktop App
  5. After the download, right click on the .zip file and choose Extract All...  Open the extracted folder and run the Minitab setup.exe file to install. After accepting the Licensing agreement, the installer will ask "How do you want to activate the software?"  Choose Activate with a license.
    Minitab Activate with a license installation window
  6. Choose Sign In and click Next then finish the installation using the default options.
    Minitab licensing method window


How to Authenticate in the Minitab Desktop App

  1. Launch Minitab and log in with your standard St. Thomas email address.  
    Minitab log in window in desktop application
  2. Wait for this window to close to indicate that the authentication is complete.
    Minitab authorization windows



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