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TK20 Account Access Solutions


Correct Form of Username

  • The correct form of the username for logging into TK20 is the original root username with no e-mail appended to it, or the older formation, which was (first initial, middle initial, lastname).
    • john1234           (in odd cases there may be 3 letters and 5 numbers, + other variations)
    • tljohnson          (in odd cases there may be no middle initial, + other variations)
  • This note appears at the login page: 
    • *Your username is the portion of your primary email address prior to "". Please note that if you have set up a vanity email, that username will not work.

Incorrect Form of Username

  • Users may enter their full address instead of just root username. This happens often.
  • Users may be attempting to log in with vanity/alias version of account, “” or “coolname.”

Determination of Correct Password

  • The correct password is the same as a fully functional UST password.  A good login for UST e-mail, UST Office 365, UST One Stthomas, Murphy Online, etc. will confirm that the student is using the correct password. 

NOTE:  This assumes that the user is attempting to access a role in TK20 that is set for LDAP authentication.  If the TK20 role is “Local” the password will not match UST password.  See TK20 Admin if that is the case.

Incorrect Passwords

  • In some cases, the user may have to clear browser cache and cookies in order to reset a bad (outdated) password.
  • A user might be recollecting a password that has long since expired.  Or, they may be attempting to log into a newly re-activated account with an older password.  Therefore, they may need a simple password reset.  A password reset will have immediate effect if the client is accessing TK20 via an LDAP authenticated role.


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