Courtesy Account: How to Request

This service is for staff.

Courtesy access may be provided for individuals who have a recognized university role that does not include an employment appointment, student status, or wage payment by the University but that does require the individual to have university resources. All courtesy access requests are subject to Human Resources policies and all persons requesting courtesy access require a background check. All courtesy access should be requested for only as long as actually needed, but must be renewed at least annually.

All Courtesy Access requests will fall into the following categories:

  • Service Providers and Licensees - 3rd party entities using St. Thomas facilities within a contractual agreement (e.g. ELS, Credit Union)
  • Independent Contractors - Non-employees who are paid directly, or through a contractual engagement for their services
  • Agency Temps - Temporary employees paid through an agency rather than directly from the university
  • Visiting Faculty - Approved visiting faculty not connected to courses in such a way as to receive access as a faculty member
  • Visiting/International Scholars - Approved visiting scholars not registered for courses in such a way as to receive access as a student
  • Volunteers - Community members who are assisting the university in a capacity that does not fall into one of the above categories

Services provided with Courtesy Access:

  • ID Card (St. Thomas Courtesy Access ID Card)
  • Intercampus Shuttle
  • Library Materials
  • St. Thomas E-mail and Office365 Account*
  • Murphy Online Access

Additional services allowed once Courtesy Access granted (must be requested separately):

Getting Started

Hiring managers can request username accounts for vendors, consultants, and other guests that need access to St. Thomas electronic resources. A confirmation email from ITS that contains a username and all the other information necessary to activate the courtesy account will be sent to the requesting sponsor. 

Request a Courtesy Account

Please be aware that due to the vetting process, including potential background checks, Courtesy Accounts can take up to one week to be created.

Note: Courtesy accounts expire upon the provided end date or 365 after account creation, whichever is shorter.

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk
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