Declaring an Academic Major or Minor

A note about this article

The process of adding and/or updating an academic major or minor is very similar, but slight differences exist. This article uses the term "Major/Minor" to denote when instructions are applicable to either declaration track. When instructions or details pertain to only one track, the term "Major" or "Minor" is used instead to denote which track is applicable.

Major/Minor Declaration Process Summary

  1. Log in to OneStThomas
  2. Go to the My Actions menu
  3. Select Major and Minor Declaration Form
  4. Use the buttons provided to Add or Update a major or minor
  5. Select from four options to declare, add, change or remove a major/minor
  6. Make selections from the menus provided
  7. Read and agree to the submission acknowledgment
  8. Submit your request

Once your major/minor request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and the department will contact you with any questions, if necessary.

Additional Details

You must select from four options when declaring a major/minor.

  1. Declare an Undeclared Major/Add a Minor - choose this action if you have no declared major/minor
  2. Add Another Major/Minor - choose this action if you have one or more major(s)/minor(s) and want to declare another major/minor
  3. Change My Major/Minor - choose this to replace one major/minor with a different major/minor (remove and add in a single step)
  4. Remove My Major/Minor - choose this action to remove one major/minor without substituting a new major/minor

Obviously, you can only declare, add, change and remove majors in the major menu and minors in the minor menu. For example, you cannot replace a major with a minor in same menu. These would be handled as separate requests to first remove the major in the major menu, then start over and add a minor in the minor menu.

Declaring an Undeclared Major

If you have no declared major, select "Declare an Undeclared Major" and select the major from the drop-down menu you want to declare. You may be asked additional questions based on the major you select.

Standalone Majors

For majors that do not have any additional requirements, simply select the major, add additional comments (if needed) and submit your request.


There are a series of programs that have a joint program between two majors that are required to be taken together. These are annotated with Co‑Major in the name. Note that Co-Majors are not the same as a dual major. If you have questions about the different between them, contact the department that offers the co-major for clarification.

After you confirm your selection is correct and you want to declare BOTH majors, submit your request for approval.

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Majors with a concentration

Some majors have concentrations that are required while other majors have optional concentrations. If you select the majors with these requirements, you will be prompted with additional selections.

After you confirm your selections for major and any concentration is correct, submit your request for approval.

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Add a First Minor

If you have no declared minor, select "Add a Minor" and select the minor from the drop-down menu you want to add. Click "Review" and add additional details or comments, if required.

Add Another Major/Minor

If you have one or more declared major(s)/minor(s), select "Add Another Major/Minor" and select the major/minor from the drop-down menu you want to add. You may be asked additional questions based on the major/minor you select.

The same rules regarding Co-Majors and major concentrations apply when adding a major. Please make sure you review and confirm your selections before adding a major declaration.

Change My Major/Minor

If you have one or more declared major(s)/minor(s), select "Change My Major/Minor" to replace one existing major/minor with a different major/minor. This action simultaneously removes the existing major/minor and adds the new major/minor in one request.

  1. Select the "Change Major/Minor". This is the existing major/minor to be replaced.
  2. Select the "New Major/Minor". This is the major/minor to be substituted.
  3. Confirm concentration for the new major/minor (if presented with option to select a concentration).
  4. Review your selections before submitting your request.

Remove My Major/Minor

If you have one or more declared major(s)/minor(s), select "Remove My Major/Minor" to remove one existing major/minor without replacing it.

If you have declared multiple standalone majors, you can simply select one of those majors and submit your request to remove it.

If you have only one standalone major or two majors that are connected as Co-Majors, you cannot remove the major without declaring a new major. Basically, once you have declared a major, you cannot return to an undeclared status. If you are not sure which new major you want to declare, please discuss your academic interests and academic goals with your academic adviser. When you are ready to declare a new/different major, you can remove and/or change your existing major to accomplish your new major declaration.

If you have only one minor, you are allowed to remove it and return to having zero declared minors since declaring a minor is optional.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I do if I am unable to submit the form after completing all the required sections?

    Please try updating your browser. This knowledge base article provides additional information. You might also try clearing your browser cache, or use a different browser if that doesn't work.
  2. Who should I contact if I have any technical difficulties?

    Please submit a ticket through Tommie Tech Services and our technical support team will help you resolve the issue. 
  3. When will I get my decision on major/minor declaration?

    When a decision is made regarding a major request, you will receive an email notification. You will not receive an automated notification when a decision is made for a minor request. To review the status of any major or minor request, return to the Major and Minor Declaration Form page. If your major or minor has been approved, you should see it listed as your current major and/or minor. If a request is still pending, you should see it listed under "Pending Requests". If you don't see the major/minor listed as current or pending, that means your request was not approved. Please contact the academic department to discuss this decision.
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