Zoom: How to Exempt an Individual Zoom Recording from the 365-day Retention Policy

Note: Panopto is the best solution for recordings to be kept available for viewing online long term, but another option is to selectively disable the 365-day automatic deletion for individual Zoom recordings, described below.

If you wish to move a recording to Panopto for long-term hosting instead (recommended):

  1. Sart by downloading the recording(s) from Zoom: How to download a Zoom recording
  2. Once downloaded, you can upload the file(s) to Panopt​​​​​o to continue making them available for viewing online: How to upload files to Panopto.

Exempt a Zoom Recording from Automatic Deletion

To exempt any individual Zoom recording from the 365-day retention policy to make it available in perpetuity, still streaming from Zoom:

  1. Go to your Recordings: https://stthomas.zoom.us/recording (you may be prompted to sign in)
  2. To the right of any recording, select More.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Disable auto-delete
    zoom recording menu settings

Learn more about Zoom Cloud Recording Retention

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