Canvas Course Readiness Checklist

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What is the Course Readiness Checklist?

The STELAR instructional designers created the Course Readiness Checklist to guide Canvas course development and quality assurance and to use as a final check before publishing a course. This checklist aligns with best practices in course design and delivery and lists recommended practices specifically related to the context of teaching in-person, hybrid, and online courses using Canvas at the University of St. Thomas.

Download the Course Readiness Checklist

We have created two versions of the checklist. One checklist is blank and allows for notes to be taken regarding each criteria, and the second includes links to resources for more information on each recommended practice. Click on the links below to download each version.

Course Readiness Checklist

Download blank checklist

Course Readiness Checklist with Tutorials

Download checklist with tutorials

course readiness checklist module criteria

NOTE: If a Canvas template from STELAR is used, many of the items on the checklist are automatically addressed.

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