OEC Multimedia Studio: Frequently Asked Questions

This service is for faculty, staff, students. 

The Multimedia Studio is located in OEC LL-2 on the lower level of the O'Shaughnessy Education Center on the St. Paul Campus. All faculty (all classifications), staff, or student (in a DIMA production track or select other circumstances) have access to the resources the Multimedia Studio offers. 

Since you understand your project's objectives the best, ITS asks that you lead the planning process and coordinate any guest involvement. You will be responsible for creating any scripts, PowerPoint slides, or other content for your session. Our high-level production students can assist you with planning consultations, time estimates, studio setup, recording, and the day-of production during your time in the studio.

Read about how the OEC Multimedia Studio uses best practices to improve digital accessibility.

What kind of content can be created using the Studio?

There is a large list of recording content that can be created using the Studio. 

Examples include: 

  • Any content that benefits from high-level video production
  • Multi-camera interviews
  • Webinars using Zoom
  • Online courses using Panopto
  • Student productions 
  • Green screen shoots 
  • Teleprompter reads
  • Informational content


Can Students Use the Studio?

Under certain circumstances, yes, students will be permitted to use the studio.  Student usage of the studio space must be in conjunction with a staff or faculty member of the university.  Student usage would most likely be for a class, club, or university-sanctioned organization.  The faculty or staff member oversees reserving studio space and it is preferred to have that individual on-site for recording.

When students are using the studio, they oversee any post-production that may be necessary for their production.  Studio staff will facilitate the recording process as well as sharing final recorded files to the student's OneDrive.


External Rentals

The studio is available for productions outside of the immediate university community.  The studio offers "friends" rates as well, such as a lower costs for recurring external reservations.  All studio resources are available to external rental clients.  Please send an email to initiate an external rental request (the traditional request form is not currently available for this type of request).


How to Request a Recording Session in the Studio

Hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm and Saturday by advance appointment.

  1. Check the Multimedia Studio's availability from our online studio calendar.
  2. Submit a request for production time. If you would like help with post-production editing, please communicate that with us at ITSstudio@stthomas.edu 
  3. Please allow for a minimum of 24 business hours for a response. Studio staff will be in contact with you once you have submitted your responses in the form. 

For external rental requests, send an email to initiate rental request, above process not available due to access control.

If you experience difficulties reserving a recording time through the form, email our team at ITSstudio@stthomas.edu.

Consult Studio Staff Prior to Recording

We are happy to answer any technical questions or concerns regarding your production. Our studio staff is comprised of high-level production students and full-time staff that can be reached by email at ITSstudio@stthomas.edu.

Some examples of what our staff can help you with include: 

  • What kind of set-up is best for your recording 
  • How to work with a PowerPoint presentation in your production 
  • Walking you through the production process as it relates to your production 

Time Commitment 

Time commitment varies by project. You will be in charge of the project through the production and our team can serve in an advisory capacity. We will take care of technical setup and execution of shooting/recording your production. 

 A good rule of thumb is that more time is always better than not enough time. Allow enough time before recording, day-of, for final setup, in-studio, on your production. 

How long will my recording session take? 

The amount of time your production takes is dependent on your setup needs and on how long your script or presentation will be. 

Time may vary based on the following:

  • You are the ‘producer’ of the project, so your timeline and availability for review and editing is a component of the time required
  • If you have a simple set-up (single camera and monitor/ no excess props, stage, or lighting) 
  • If you need the green screen set-up 
  • If you need many technical aspects for your production (live Zoom meeting / webinar, a script put in the teleprompter, a specific image to be keyed into the green screen, etc.) 

Studio staff can assist with assessing time requirements and project needs. 

If I’m having my production edited, what is the turnaround time?

If you would like help with post-production, please communicate that with us ahead of time at ITSstudio@stthomas.edu. Editing / post-production depends on many factors, but here are a few: 

  • How many takes were recorded 
  • If there is text / graphics that needs to be put in the video 
  • If the video was recorded on a green screen 
  • How many individuals need to review edits as well as subsequent revisions 
  • Your overall project time line 

Tips for Successful Recording Sessions

Your production will run smoothly and efficiently when you come prepared. 

Preparing Content and Materials

If you have a script, PowerPoint, music or any other external media that you would like to include at the time of your recording, make sure that it is prepared and on a thumb / USB / flash drive or cloud location that can easily be accessed at your reservation time.  

If you need to consult with studio staff prior to recording for anything that is unclear regarding the production that can be helpful to make the production run smoothly. 

Practice Beforehand

If you feel confident in your presentation and preparation, then you do not need to come in early or before your guest arrives. If you or your guest are unsure of the technology (PowerPoint clicker, smartboard, teleprompter), feel free to email ITSstudio@stthomas.edu and schedule a meeting with studio staff prior to recording. 

How to Receive Assistance with Event Recording

There are different departments that help record events depending on your needs. 

  • MIC (the Marketing insights and communications team) helps create on brand content for creative projects, social media, Newsroom, and other university affiliated media.
  • STELAR supports the creation of innovative types of instructional course media.  These include smart board, lightboard, virtual reality (VR), multi-camera setups, 360 video, and access to a fully integrated HD multi-camera studio to produce various types of immersive and interactive content. 
  • CAPE (Continuing and professional education) courses provide streamlined content created and delivered (in person or online) by experts in their field, all with easy online registration. 
  • Event support in campus rooms like the student center, auditoriums, and more can be done in partnership with MIC, ITS Event Support team, or studio staff. 
  • General St. Thomas recordings are primarily done in the Studio

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk

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