Multimedia Studio

This service is available for faculty and staff. 

Media Services manages:


OEC Multimedia Studio

Located in the O'Shaughnessy Education Center, the OEC Multimedia Studio provides access to professional grade video production equipment and production assistance. It is the most versatile media recording space the university maintains. All departments can use the studio for their projects as well as organizations with a faculty/staff advisor owning the production. 

The studio is staffed by media production professionals as well as production student staff. You'll experience a fully modular HD media production facility with recording options that include the following: multiple HD cameras, green screen, Smart board, Light board, teleprompter, Zoom / Teams / Panopto integration, and much more.

Our team is also available for custom videos and modules that are produced by media production student staff. This service includes field shoots and post-production with editing and graphics.  This service is available to media production that cannot be classified as educational / academic or marketing / brand-related / external facing marketing communications materials.

There is a large list of recording content that can be created using the Studio. Common productions are:

  • In-person multi-camera interviews
  • Webinars / remote interviews via Zoom, Teams or Google Meet
  • Smart board presentations
  • Light board presentations (erasable marker on glass)
  • Standing presentations to camera
  • Green screen / keying
  • Virtual sets (single or multi-cam)
  • Teleprompter reads
  • Podcasting (video with audio or audio only)
  • Courses including students as a classroom
    • Includes student projects relating to DIMA / TommieMedia
  • Head shots (videos and stills)
  • Special productions may available with advanced notice

Getting started in the OEC Multimedia Studio

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Athletic Media Production Infrastructure

Media production infrastructure for all athletics venues is managed by the Media Services team.

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Media Production Infrastructure

Infrastructure that supports media production in facilities and venues is managed by Media Services.

  • Request service for media production infrastructure support

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Other resources for media development and event recording:

  • MIC (the Marketing insights and communications team) helps create on brand content for creative projects, social media, Newsroom, and other university affiliated media.
  • STELAR supports the creation of innovative types of instructional course media.  These include smart board, lightboard, virtual reality (VR), multi-camera setups, 360 video, and access to a fully integrated HD multi-camera studio to produce various types of immersive and interactive content. 
  • CAPE (Continuing and professional education) courses provide streamlined content created and delivered (in person or online) by experts in their field, all with easy online registration. 
  • Event support in campus rooms like the student center, auditoriums, and more can be done in partnership with MIC, ITS Event Support team, or studio staff. 

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