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Banner contains the university's system of record for alumni, employee, financial, and student information.

Request mass updates of Salesforce records.

Lecture capture refers to creating video content by simultaneously recording one's screen, slides, or camera output and one's voice or audio narration.

We support events ranging from lectures and meetings to award ceremonies and concerts.

The STELAR center can provide guidance and tools for media production to enable instructors to develop audio and video presentations.

The OEC Multimedia Studio provides access to professional grade video production equipment and production assistance.

Utilization of the ScheduleOnce platform that integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Office.

Scantron branded Test Scoring and Optical Mark Read (OMR) scanners that score “bubble” answer forms to assist instructors in quickly grading exams.

The Salesforce platform is supporting current student engagements for Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

The Salesforce Platform supports all types of form applications that are relevant to Scholarships offered at St. Thomas.

Tk20 is an assessment, accountability and management system to help colleges and universities meet requirements for accreditation.

Text Messaging via the Salesforce or Marketing Cloud Platforms for enhanced communication efforts.

The Salesforce platform is supporting the intake, management and yield process of prospective students at the Graduate and Undergraduate levels.

The Salesforce Platform supports the admission application for Undergraduate and Graduate programs.