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Services or Offerings?
The OEC Multimedia Studio provides access to professional grade video production equipment and production assistance.

St. Thomas offers Zoom and Microsoft Teams that allow you to host virtual audio/video meetings.

The STELAR center can provide guidance and tools for media production to enable instructors to develop audio and video presentations.

Lecture capture refers to creating video content by simultaneously recording one's screen, slides, or camera output and one's voice or audio narration.

VoiceThread is a robust discussion tool that gives students and faculty the ability to have asynchronous conversations using their voice, video, images, text and more. VoiceThread makes a great tool for class introductions, narrated slides, group dialogue and student presentations.

Virtual Reality exhibition and authoring.

Assistive technologies can help make resources more available to individuals on campus.

ITS provides training, support, and additional services to ensure that classrooms, meeting rooms, and large event spaces are suitably equipped for a positive educational experience.

We support events ranging from lectures and meetings to award ceremonies and concerts.

Store your personal user files in OneDrive, part of Office 365. Sync files to your computer and easily share content with others.

To support Faculty and Staff who periodically require extra computers or other technology equipment in their work, ITS manages a number of checkout devices, mostly laptops and projectors. Other equipment is available to be used in classrooms and event spaces on request, as well.

Canvas allows instructors to provide course materials and create collaboration spaces for students in an easy-to-use online format.