Compare Video/Media Creation Tools for Instruction and Assignments

Tool Description Best for Professors Best for Students
Panopto St. Thomas’s video hosting and streaming platform. Store and serve videos created by you or students.
  • Video lectures created in the studio or classroom
  • Desktop screencasts
  • Narrated PowerPoint
  • Close-captioning
  • Student created video assignments from their mobile device/laptop
  • Use the Library's student recording studio (LIB 310)
  • Deep, intuitive search on audio or visual element
Zoom Real-time web-conference tool that supports audio, video, phone, breakout sessions, and recording
  • Virtual sessions in online classes
  • Online Office Hours
  • Real-time presentations for remote audiences
  • Interviews and remote guest speakers
  • Synchronous group work with break-out rooms
  • Interviews with the experts
  • Study abroad communication
  • Mentor/mentee coordination
VoiceThread Video discussion platform that supports text, audio and video conversations around central media.
  • Asynchronous video discussions that include media
  • Narrated PowerPoints that invite responses.
  • Online class introductions
  • Student presentations in online classes
  • Online class introductions
  • Evaluating or critiquing visual media
FlipGrid Video discussion platform licensed by Microsoft. Can be embedded in a Canvas page.
  • Short asynchronous video discussions on any topic
  • Professor initiated discussions
  • Video only, no central media
  • Promoted in K12
  • Responding to discussions with video
  • Professor initiated discussions
Canvas A media recorder within Canvas. Click the tool icons inside the SpeedGrader Rich Text Editor.
  • Quick feedback on Canvas assignments and grades
  • Short audio/video messages within Discussions, Announcements, and Assignments
  • Audio/video responses to discussion posts
  • Audio/video messages where typing
Microsoft Sway Cloud-based alternative to PowerPoint. Easy to design with. Responsive design on any platform. Can add audio and video components.
  • Create mobile friendly presentations
  • Turn paper handouts into multi-media objects
  • Visual presentations to update once, easily link or embed
  • Turn paper assignments into multi-media assignments
  • Keep Visual Journals of travel abroad
  • Educational portfolios


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