Poll Everywhere: Getting Started

This service is for faculty and staff.

Poll Everywhere is an online polling software that can be used in class and meetings to interact with participants. Participants can join from their smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop, or other web-enabled device. 

Can I use Poll Everywhere without taking one of St. Thomas' limited licenses?

Yes! If you plan to use Poll Everywhere in an environment where there are no more than 40 people responding to a poll, and you do not need your poll results to be incorporated into Canvas grades, obtaining a free higher-ed account is quick and easy.  The sign-up is on the left column at this page:


When you sign up, use your St. Thomas username (rather than a vanity/alias email address) so that it can be upgraded to the St. Thomas license in the future.

How do I receive a St. Thomas Poll Everywhere license?

ITS manually creates accounts for faculty and staff.  If you need a large group of respondents (up to 300) or need to be grading your activities in Canvas:

  1. Request a St. Thomas Poll Everywhere account by sending an email to the Tech Desk
  2. Once confirmed by our techs, you'll receive an email invitation to set up a St. Thomas-based Poll Everywhere account.
  3. 2. Login going forward to Poll Everywhere (at www.polleverywhere.com).

What types of poll activities can I do?

  • Multiple-choice polls
  • Open-ended questions
  • Question and answer
  • Rank order
  • Clickable images

Learn more and how to create these on the Poll Everywhere support website.

How many participants can respond to my poll?

St. Thomas-connected accounts are limited to 300 participants per poll.

Do you have tutorials to help me get started?

Can I integrate Poll Everywhere into a Canvas course?

Yes! Once you have a St. Thomas Poll Everywhere account, you have the ability to connect it to a Canvas course and integrate the roster:
1. In Canvas, Go to Settings > Apps > View App Configurations to add an External App.
2. Click the ‘+ App’ button at the top right to bring up the Add App popup. Select ‘By Client ID’ in the Configuration Type dropdown, and then add the Client ID 73770000000000246 into the next field.
3. You should now see a subsequent message indicating that a tool was found and needs installing. Click the Install button to continue.
Instructions for the use of Poll Everywhere inside a course are available on the company website.


To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk
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