Calendar: Schedule a meeting in Office 365 and Outlook

St. Thomas uses Microsoft Office 365's Outlook for email and calendar to schedule meetings and communicate with other members of the university.

Microsoft offers great training resources on their website for how to use the Office suite.

How to Schedule a Meeting from Office 365 (web version)

Microsoft provides step by step instructions on their website for how to schedule a meeting from any web browser. 

You'll find the entire St. Thomas address book when you click to "invite attendees" and can search for a fellow faculty, staff, or student here.

How to Schedule a Meeting from Outlook (desktop version)

You can access the full version of Outlook from any campus computer or by installing the software on your laptop and mobile devices. 

Learn how to schedule a meeting through these training resources from Microsoft: 

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Microsoft Outlook in Office 365 is the university's official solution for email and calendaring. Submit a request here for: -Request new Shared Mailboxes -Request Spam Whitelisting -Sending Email from External Services -Troubleshooting (be sure to include mailbox affected and platform attempting to send from) -DG membership updates